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some pics of pivot covers

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here are some pics of the new chrome pivot covers. they look pretty good ...especially when compared to the brushed look of the material around it. check it out....

to see larger views of the pics, go to my album gallery and click on these same pics
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SWEET! Did you get that from the Florida Tom's?
lookin gooood!

They look great Redvalk, where did you get them from and what do they cost?

Esay i
yes these are from Ultimate. I think if i remember they are 45 a set. i buy so much crap...i can't remember prices for sure :lol: And they'll put whatever you want on there.

i really like the way they stand out from the other 'brushed' looking material all around them. Of course, i had to get a set for Sherry's bike keep the peace in the family 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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