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Steering Pulls to the Right

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When I first got my rune, it seemed to track very true and straight, but I had some warranty work done to the front end which required front-end disassembly and some part changes. When I got the bike back, I noticed that it now pulls to the right when I ride.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or something similar? If so, please respond :?:
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my bike has pulled to the right since i purchased it. i think they all do from what i have read here.

what kind of work did u have to the front end?

pulles to the right

they changed a triple tree,and the bar opt.It came back with a right turn bilt in. Please I need more RUNE riders info and feedback...Thanks Doc Harr :(
Mine doesn't pull. We've talked a little about this before, I think all the bikes come with the bars offset to the right a little bit. If you measure from the riser to where the bar makes it's bend on each side, the throttle side will be a bit longer, at least it is on mine. It would have to be offset a lot to cause pulling.
Maybe when they put the front wheel back on they didn't torque down the axle correctly, axle nuts have to be torqued down sequentially and evenly or there will be a pull to one side or the other.
Mine pulled to the right out of the box. Well, it was a bit worse after the first front tire change. The pulling is manageable. When I set the BrakeAway cruise control I can lean out to the left a bit and it corrects the drift. I just turned 15,000 miles on my scoot, and with 7,500 miles on the Dunlop D220 120x17 front tire it still looks almost new. :roll:
Pulling to the right Need help

thanks for the info....And for sure it was like a Train before this work was done....It takes 17 lb. hung on carsh bar to go stright now...Happy (NOT).Honda thinks I should be happy. Doc Harr San Antonio Texas :?
Never experianced pulling to the right on my bike, it tracks sraight as an arrow.
pulling right

Thanks, Thats What I have been saying all along to my dealer...Doc Harr
When I had the second set of turnsignal lamps installed on the forks we had to take the bars off, etc. There is an adjustment procedure to get everything "even" Perhaps you could have them remove the bars, etc and just put it back together... straight. We had the front suspended from the overhead and well, good luck.
difficult for me to translate, j will add a short tex in italian hopin Ken may understand better.
My rune is running without hands on the bar perfectly, no right no left. no need to mouve my weight to correct.
J see there is some space only one side near the forck , and j am afraid when j change the front tire to find the perfect position.
In the past j had your same problem on my guzzi lemans. j modified the

in italian " ho corretto la posizione del perno del forcellone posteriore"
j mouved the rear wheel to left or to right side

pulling to the right

Thanks Hannibal,Understand you just fine.. I am hopping to here from other RUNE riders,the more the better..I am thinking they should all run true....Doc Harr
Hey WingNut,

A poll might me interesting to see just how many pull and how many are straight. Seeems like all the ones that pull are to the right. I think if some are straight, there should be something to do to correct the ones that pull. This may give us some leverage when taking them in for service or repair, like THE (BIG BLACK SMOKE ISSUE)

I put on my front tire #3 Saturday. Now my Rune runs straight and true!
So, there must be something with the alignment and how you bolt on the next tire.

My tire #3 is a GoldWing Front tire D250 series. 130-18, up from the 120-18. I got 7,500 miles on both front tires.

U must live on that Rune!

I am still on stock tires with only about 4500mi.

Keep On Rune'n!

Pulliig to the right

Again thanks for the info...Poll sounds good...My dealer is given me a fit,I tell them it was stright,they give me the dear in the head light look... :?
pulling to the right

As far as miles I now have little over 5000 ,and thats wile she has been in the shop for almost 16days..New June 19 2004,,,no long rides yet.. :oops:
Did I mention that the other day I rode 18 consecutive miles without touching the handlebars?? Now that my Rune rides so straight it is easy to steer by leaning to the left or right and catch wind.

Before I go back to Iraq in late Oct/or early Nov (depends upon the contractor to get the paperwork in order so I can leave the Government) I want to do a Loooong ride from SC to Denver CO and back. Perhaps I can meet some of yall on the way?

Total Est. Time: 25 hours, 40 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1664.70 miles
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