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Stock horn WEAK

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Not too loud....has anyone come up with an alternative or improvement?
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Whatever you do, PLEASE don't install those stupid 18-wheeler horns that people installed on their Valkyries.
Hey Hey! Air horns are great, just don't mount them where they can be seen. Those air horns on my 99 have saved my ass more than once!
i agree with HS. I have the air horns on my 97....but mounted UNDER the bike...under the exhaust where you can't see them. and yes, they have saved my a$$ MANY times. I believe in them...but won't be doing them on the Rune. But they are VERY worthwhile on my Valk. Of course, i would NEVER mount them where you could see they would be 'gaudy' looking :oops:
The stock horn is a auto style horn, I bet a Blazer car horn from Autozone or some other car parts supplier would work. You would have to remove the radiator cowling to change it.
Yeah, maybe I should have clarified my statement. I'm sure they work fine, but they sure were U-G-L-Y when people were mounting them out in the open.
your right RuneSpyer, it looks like they have the brass section of some orchestra mounted on the side of their bike, I think Redvalk nailed it,
Hey watch it

I have my dual air horns mounted in plain site on my VTX Retro 1800 and they look cool and sound great. I wouldn't mount them on the Rune, they just don't flow with the bike but lets not get personal here or I'll have to make a wave file and fix it so when you log in you'll hear those beautiful air horns every time you make a key board move...just kidding about making the wave file.

Its nice to know that you folks have opinions and aren't shy about sharing.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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