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I am contemplating bringing my Rune from australia to go see Sturgis. Is it worth the trip and expense or is it a mainly Harley show? Cost is about $6k US plus spending money?
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Aussie Rune to USA

In my opinon :roll: "getting there" is all the fun. So, come to the States, see Sturgis. And, the ride around the USA!!!! if you want to see the Revolutionary War city of Charleston SC, you can stay at my house. I will be 1.1 miles from I-95, and the ride to downtown Charleston is 1 hour (unless you keep up with me....) We have the worlds first successful submarine, built by the Confederates during the Civil war - the USS Hunley. I have a spare bedroom so you can stay for free while in this part of South Carolina. This is my call as for now I am free of the motorcycle-hating wife forever. Ken
West coast offer

If you decide you would like to travel from the west coast you are welcome to use my home in Portland, Or. as a base. I have a wife and three kids but we have plenty of rune.....I mean room. The ride from Portland to Sturgis over the Rockies will certainly stand as one of the most fabulous bike experiences of your life. Yellowstone National Park, Teton Nation Park, Glacier National Park and many others can be woven into this trip. Mileage from Portland to Sturgis without detours is about 1300M.

If this strikes your fancy I might even be interested in acompanying you on a portion of such a ride.

Sturgis is not restricted simply to HD. It is an all biker event with lots of everything.
Thanks for the offers, I am astounded by your generosity. I am unsure if I will make Sturgis this year but I am definitely going to come over, Rune accompanying, some stage!

Must have been a tough choice, keep the bike, keep the woman... Good to see that sanity prevailed :twisted:
Sturgis...where imports never break down!

You'll absolutely love Sturgis if you get to go! I took my custo m VTX 1800 retro, and yes, I did get some abuse from the Harley riders, but they were the most envious group of riders I've ever met. I can't wait to go again and this time bring the monster Rune! I was surprised at how many import bikes were there. They were the bikes that were actually running...seems a good chunk of Harley bikes like to break down out there. As far as places to go...have to do Needles Highway, Custer National Park, Devils Tower, Badlands ride, hang out in Keystone. After riding for 5 days straight last time I was there...we really only hung out in Sturgis for about a day. Sturgis really IS about the rides! It has some of the most beautiful rides in the country!
Book Early

If you're going to Sturgis during the rally book early, like a year or more ahead of time, otherwise you'll be staying in a cheesy camp ground or 100 miles away.
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