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T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats

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Just wanted to remind everyone that still has Rune items for sale that I "designed". There is a mug, travel mug and a hat. The mugs are pretty nice and the hat is decent. The only problem with the hat is that the material is thin. It looks good once it is on your head. I would like a better material myself. I added some t-shirts on this site as well. Just the simple RUNE logo on the front. I haven't ordered a shirt from them, so I don't know the quality yet.

FYI: I priced these items so that I don't receive any profit from them at all.

I also still have the shirts up on Some of these designs didn't turn out so hot. The problem is that I can't delete items once I have added them to the store.

There is a simple t-shirt in there that just as the Rune logo on the front. That one is pretty nice and I wear it all the time. The others are sorta buy at your own risk....They are OK. ... 6837466143

FYI: I do make something like $1.00 per each one of these shrits sold. That's the minimum.
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