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Taken' a ride

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Jersey Ill
Hi, spoke to my buddy Gene today and he mentioned to me that he met up with you. Once my back stops hurting :roll: we will get together and take a ride. There is at least one more Rune in the area that might possibly go too, four Runes riden' down the road will make an AWESOME sight.
Talk Soon,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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take in a ride

We had four of the neatest runes riding together,well three of us any way we had a hard time keeping up with Chuck he was crazy ,I could not convince the wife that her rune would go that fast ,but she did set her own record at 100 MPH .I think JR. and my brother did give him a run for his money but I have to say chucks black rune is fast.
It breaks my heart but the truth must be told.

I was leading the pack that day, because I knew where the restaurant, that we were going to have lunch at, was. I was doing 90 to 100 mph when all of a sudden a blue streak passed me as though I were riding in a school zone. It was Tom Sr.’s brother on his Illusion Blue Rune. I swear he zipped past me like a bullet.
Pack of Runes

It would be good to all get a nice ride in together. When do you expect to be back in riding shape?
Fast but not THAT fast - Speedometer Calibration

I put a GPS on my tank bag to compare the speedo with the Department of Defense take on speed. The RUNE speedo is 4 mph above the real number from 25 up to 55, then it is 5 MPH too fast up to 95, then about 6 above that.... so, when I thought my top speed was 132... I guess it is actually about 125. Dang! I did get a South Carolina Highway Patrol confirmation of my speedo calibration efforts. When his radar hit me (my detector went off in my helmet) I saw my Rune's indicated speed was 70, he said I was going 65.

Ken (10,400 miles)
Maybe by next week :roll: :?:
Will keep in touch

Honda is notorious about having their speed o's read high. The specification is actually 10%, I've never seen one that read low though.

There are some boxes that you can program that will correct for the error, they cost about $100 and they come from England. Here is a web link
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