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!!!! Taking new orders for K&N air filter adaptors !!!!

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After multiple demands, we are in the process of reordering more K& N air filter adaptors.
You can now place orders for your adaptor at (520) 275-6753.
The cost is still $ 365.00, plus $10.00 shipping fee.
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Just find it amazing that everyone ask for the K&N air filters adapters and then when you make it available again no one shows any interest.
Unless everyone is busy with the huricane.
I put my K&N modified Rune on the DYNO on Friday. Darn, I left the printouts at home. I will scan them and post them on Tuesday.

The bottom line: 95 HP at the rear wheel and 105 FT-LP Torque at the rear wheel at 3,800 RPM. Very smooth response throughout the RPM range. And, it outperforms Goldwings with the same 1832 cc displacement according to the tech who put my lady on the Dyno.

The Rune runs too rich over 4,000 rpm, which explains the sooty exhaust. The Speed shop reccomends the next modification is to do the exhaust. Of course, for $1,000 I could have put a Nitrous gas system on my Rune. Next time.... :wink:
thats my question ? rune already runs to "RICH" need to come up with idea for leaner condition ! thats the only problem i have with the rune. the throttle body adjustment screws have been epoxyed,damn dumb....... i'll go for the fix for leaner not more air for richer,then u will be really fighting the black crap......
If you find a cure.....please post and/or send me a PM with the fix...I will do likewise...
will do etxrune......... still sratching my head,tring to get the mapping from mother honda,did get ahold of a fellow thats going to send me the schematics on the throttle body and tps sensor.will keep ya posted
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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