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Tank and headlight bolts

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There are 8 bolts in a set 7 of the bolts go around the tank and one bolt goes above the head light mounted on the riser. These bolts are not sharp at all it realy complements the bike. Tell me what you think. They are 60.00 a set. They are made from 316L Stainless steel never rust then chrome plated.

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This isn't fair Tom! You know I'm a sucker for pointed bolts! :D
Put me on the list buddy, by the way those license plate bolts look great on the DRAGNN! Brad
cool bolts

But how do you tighten or loosen them?? they do look cool......Dave :twisted:
this is how you tighten them

its eguavlent to an eight mm hex
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The Tank and headlight bolts look cool, you have my CC# and address, please send me a set of them and a set of Slited Grip Ends on up to NJ.
On the Banjo bolts, I've found 9 locations for the pointed ones and 2 for the rounded ones. Not including the 2 banjo's on the handle bars, they seen to be too close to the handle bars to fit the pointed ones, at least on the clutch side, how did you fit your handle bars? Can I get just the # of pointed and round style I want?
I would also like to get (2) "E" and (2) "C" caps in the pointed style. The "C" caps would look great if you could make them extra long and sharp.
The 2 (each side) bolts on the front of the chrome covers for the throttle bodies (just below the tank) are just screaming for some points, the 3rd bolt (back side) looks to be too close to my leg for a point but a rounded one would be nice.
John Henne
RUNE #25
Tom and Co.
Hey guys, please send me one set of the tank bolts, once again you folks came through with another winner. Charge my credit card on file.
Take very good care
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
:twisted: :twisted: I JUST put the license plate holder and bolts on my Rune and they look FANTASTIC.

I did not like the little inhex screws holding the tank gauge bib on the tank, and think your idea is TERRIFFIC...
send me a set too!

Now, that I have gone down the path of pointed blood stabbers... What is the price again for the pointy bolts holding the front tire on??? I would want them to be faceted like my handlebar ends.


PS: my Harley buddy sez the license tag bolts are the shittttte! He even helped me put them on. While we drank beer etc. We then regreased the pivot pin for my clutch handle. It was squeaking.

HEY - what about making a set of pointy stabbers for the rear end swingarm? Have them long enough to really be seen. They would complement the front axle bolts, and would keep over friendly Hogs from trying to mate with my Rune while going down the highway. They would not be in the way of the passenger. Perhaps the same length as the pointy banjo bolts? I want a set of those, smooth, not faceted.
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Another Winner

Once again the bike is a notch above where it was. The tank bolts are the Balm, the Shitttt, and they're phat to say the least.
You guys going public on your stock soon :eek: What'll your NASDAQ symbol be? RUNEME.........????? 8)

Many thanks for the generosity.

I'd advertise for you as usual but I can't post gallery pics anymore :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x :( :x :evil: :evil:
Maybe that'll change soon :?: :?: :?: Some one...... anyone hear this?
you can still post pics. Just need to store them at Photo Post/Rune site first (top right side of this page.....sponsored by Direct Line). the photo gallery on this board is for now down. It may never come back up...depending on security issues. REcommend you use Photo Post. besides, it allows larger pics. Often i can't store pics on the old photo gallery on this board.....and then go try them at Photo Post/Rune site....and they work there. So i like that way better anyway.'s another pic posted ....just now....from there.....

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Thanks Tim

Thanks for the tip Tim. I still miss being able to look at peoples galleries right from underneath their Avatar pic. I also liked the mug shots.
What kind of security issues were there? Or is that kind of question not really for viewing by all?

Diver Dave
Once you have posted your pics on Photo Post, click on the "My Gallery" link and then copy paste the address in your "Signature area" under your profile on this site.
It will act just like having the old personal galleries
Hey John

I think I've got the hang of it. Thanks a lot for the info and tips. Not much of a copy and paste guy but now I'm learning.

Diver Dave
Very clever John. Good work and advice. PERHAPS eventually the Gallary MAY be back. Time will tell. I'm not the person that really knows all the details on what happened to cause the problems. Lamont knows. He can address any questions on details of the problem....IF he so choses or can.

Some of the features may never be installed again. They are sorting thru the possible problems and determining what can and can not be added back in. You'll notice the calendar doesn't work, photo gallery, flags in your profile, birthdays, etc.
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