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Tapping above 1900 RPM

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Question, has anyone out there had the problem I'm having with my Rune? At about 1500 miles I noticed a lite tapping/clicking after I'd roll off the throttle. Now at 4000 miles it's gotten louder and I've noticed it happens under excelleration as well. It's most pronounced as the ambient temperature rises. I called the Rune line and they've been very helpful. They've had the dealer checking things on several occasions. As a matter of fact the bike is going back to the dealer next month to have the cam chains and tensioners replaced. They can't seem to figure out where the noise is coming from. Any ideas out there? I thought lifters but that's been ruled out, they pulled the front covers and captured a sound bite from the engine. It was then sent to the engineers who think it's just part of this particular engine.

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I think almost all manufacturers of any product will make the claim "thats normal, or that is the charictaristic of the product" Its an easy way out. I was told by Honda the same thing about the loud clanking in the rear of the bike when shifting gears, accellerating or decellorating. I have owned a total of 6 bikes with shaft drives and the Rune is the loudest. I do not think it should sound like that.

About the engine noise, can't help you there. I have about 2400 miles on my black Rune and 900 on my red one. No noise yet. Let us know if you find anything out. Good Luck!
Hey Runerunner, do you have two Runes like i do? I have a black one for me....and a red one for the wife. what's your story?

And yes, when i follow the wife...and i follow her REAL close...i can really hear her bike 'clunking' when she shifts gears....quite loud! Mine doesn't sound that loud sitting on it and riding it...but i'll bet it's that loud following close behind it!
Hi Tim,

Same here, mine doesnt seem as loud as my sons. Its like you said, when you are behind or to the right side of the other rune you can really hear it clunking. This is my only complaint, the noise and the touchy throttle especially when going over bumps.

About my story, well you ask for it so I posted it by it's self :shock:

I see you are up pretty late also
noise & throttle 2 cents

The loud thwack I hear when changing gears gives me a sense of confidence. --Just like when my .50AE Desert Eagle slide racks in another 300 grain round!! Since we have unlimited miles for the first 3 years, I suggest we work hard to get enough miles under our axles to prove right or wrong for the appropriateness of the sound.

As to the touchy throttle: have you noticed that it is not touchy anymore, but responsive, when actually hauling out on the asphalt? I accept the reality of that unbounded eagerness just as a handler has to be gingerly with a racehorse when it is not on the track. Also, when riding a passenger at slow speeds, the touchy throttle is but a fraction. kenC
Discussion Digression --> GUNS! AMMO! RELOAD!

speer Gold Dot 300 grain, sitting on top of 32.6 grains of Hogdon H110 powder. 1500 feet per second velocity. Now, the same round that I reload goes about 1950 out of my TR-15 carbine .50AE (
23 shots puts ONE POUND of lead down range. This round will be my "hogslayer" (sorry HogSlayer) next hunting season. And of course, I'm sure that it would drop a BossHog in its tracks as well. You should see what this round does to cinder blocks and red ant hills!

I reload .32NAA, 9mm, 357SIG, .40, .50AE, .303British

ok, enuf digression. kenC (6,500 miles on my Rune)
Engine Tapping update.

Honda finally sent an Engineer from Marysville. He listens to the noise and says he knows what it is. They split the cases and replace a bushing on the output shaft. The Engineer seemed to think the holes drilled into the bushing were malformed. Anyway, they put it together pronounced it fixed and disappear. Haven't been able to really tell if the noise is gone, it now has what sounds like a rod knock at all engine rpms. Honda says don't bother me son, it's not my problem and no one appears to want to do anything about it. It's now been in the shop for about three months. Honda has definetly convinced me of one thing, this will be my last Honda.

Wow Cliff, that sux! Ok, now that you are "on your own" for the moment, why don't you ride the heck out of it? You have a warranty for 3 yrs, unlimited miles.

We will be rooting for you! If you can, ride down here to SC. You can spend the night at my place. I'm just off I-95. It will take you about 8 hrs. (or less :twisted: if you try to break it) Then we can swap bikes and listen.

I know this is boring but: have you switched to a synthetic oil yet?
engine noise

Cliff, check out my post.. Major Engine Warranty Work... maybe it will help, maybe not...
A few weeks ago I was at the dealership and told the service dpt. of a slight ticking on the left side of the engine. He said it was probably the fuel injectors



Thanks for the response. Here's some more info; We have a new Area Rep, the last one moved on, I understand he's down in Atlanta now. (try not to deal with this clown, hasn't got a clue) Anyway the new Rep shows up to see if he can hear the noise. He calls me and says he can't hear anything wrong, maybe it's just loose clearances. He also suggested I get the bike back, I hadn't really ridden it since the repair. I did as he asked, picked up the bike, road it for a week and took it back. It definetly knocks on startup, and gets quieter as the engine warms up. The guys at the dealership have been great, the service manager said he knew I'd be back, he had heard the noise himself. Anyway, the manager told me he was surprised Honda had let the new Rep come back to my bike, seems it's got something to do with legal stuff. Anyway this time he heard the noise, and now he's going to try and get a sound bite to send to the engineers again. I don't know where we go from here, the manager at the dealership has suggested I get a lawyer, he even gave me a name, it turns out Maryland has a pretty good lemon law, who knew. My bike has now been in the shop 7 times for engine noise. I'll try and keep you posted. Message to the two responses I got, on the engine teardown, the guy at the dealership told me the bearings were the first thing they checked, he then told me how Honda fixes this problem. They replace the bad parts the then peen the cases to prevent the bearing race from moving again. Not the greatest solution. As for the tapping, the service guys checked the fuel injection system as well. Little know fact, the Rune engine actually fires their fuel injectors in triples, so the chances of you hearing one injector making noise is really low. Stay with the dealer on the ticking, these engines should not tick at all. Mine really only got bad when the ambient temps went up, like June in DC. (90+ degrees) then it got really loud. I wonder how much longer my dealer will be willing to work on my bike, Honda now owes them in excess of $2K for work already done and hasn't shown any interest in paying that either.

Later. Cliff

PS I'd love to bring it down to SC, but it's still in the shop and I'm not sure what condition it's in right now.
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tapping sound

I think you guys might need some new valve covers to make that machine sound better or at least look better
hey Tom,
Are you machining those covers out of solid aluminum? Did you get the dimensions from measuring an existing, or were you able to confirm the dimensions from blueprint? Does it matter?

A thought: to make the shape of the outside of the cover complement the teardrop shape of the fuel injection manifold/cooland reservoir covers.

ken(22,100 miles)
Give the beast a rest!


I have two motorcycles and two cars. The combined mileage of all four of my vehicles is only 714 miles more than what you have on your Rune.

At the rate you are going you will need one of the 2006 Honda Runes.
2006 Runes

Where and when will these new beasts be coming.

How accurate is your information about a 2006 model?

Do you have any pictures?

Do you know the colors yet?

Will it use the new bigger F6 engine you guys have been talking about?

Will it be a two up bike?

Will they chrome the front turn signal mounts?

Wow another Rune family member, can't wait.

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Accepting orders now

I am always ready to help; following are the answers to your questions.

Q. Where and when will these new beasts be coming?
A. The first production run of 250,000 units will shipped to Titus, Alabama in September 2004, and priced at $8,500.

Q. How accurate is your information about a 2006 model?
A. I’m on very good terms with my authority on this subject, the all-knowing and legendary RedValk.

Q. Do you have any pictures?
A. Of course I do, but I’m not going to show them to you.

Q. Do you know the colors yet?
A. Yes, they will all be Double Clear Coat Black. There were too many complaints about the Black Cherrie and Illusion Blue models.

Q. Will it use the new bigger F6 engine you guys have been talking about?
A. No, the new 2006 Rune will have double barreled, high velocity fuel injected ram jets.

Q. Will it be a two up bike?
A. Sidecar with an optional refreshment center and ice maker.

Q. Will they chrome the front turn signal mounts?
A. No!
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I have it on very good authority that Ultimate Machining got a subcontract to make the chrome brackets for the optional NITROUS Bottles
Chuck has leaked all the info now. The cat is out of the bag....everyone now knows all the TOP SECRET details of the 06! Darn.....

you heard it here first.....

Just for that Chuck, i'm not telling you all the scoop on the 07 model. I just found out all that info last week. 8)

Please, if you were one of the 05 Conspiracy Folks....please feel free to 'chime in' with your wisdom on these 06 models. Enquiring minds want to know....ya' know :oops:

Well I don't want one if they are not going to chrome that turn signal mount, cheap bastards.
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