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<JeffKehoe> hello John, whats going on?
<JeffKehoe> all the way across the world
<JeffKehoe> daytime there?
<JohnDK> Not so much it in the middle of the night here in Denmark, Ken is here too, but he is´ent answering ...
<JeffKehoe> He's busy trying to call Runeski, to hear his holes in the mufflers
<JohnDK> right now it´s 00.41 - just past midnight here in the northern europe ...
<JeffKehoe> I'm thinking about doing it, but I don't want it to be loud at all
<JeffKehoe> Its 7:41 PM here
<JeffKehoe> Warm there?
<JohnDK> with regards to Ken, I´ sure you´re right - or HAm radio´ing to redwalk ...
<JeffKehoe> Yea they like all that crap
<JohnDK> just about zero celcius
<JeffKehoe> Its -5C here during the day ant about -12C at night
<JeffKehoe> Pretty windy too
<JohnDK> jeff how is your experience of riding the Rune in curves ?
<JeffKehoe> Guess you're not riding too much then, being it socold
<JohnDK> jeff where in the US are yopu located ? I don´ remember from your profile ...
<JeffKehoe> I dont have a problem with the curve, Im and old man(37) so I drive a little nice lately
<JeffKehoe> I certainly don't drive like Ken
<JohnDK> jeff I´ not a rune rider yet - but I´ going to bee ...
<JeffKehoe> From New Jersey, southern, Right across the bridge from Philadelphia
<JohnDK> lots og menoy for the rune in denmark - due to import taxes and registration taxes, too
<JohnDK> jeff : Your location : Noted
<JeffKehoe> Yea, that sux, But it really is a sweet ride. A real head turner too.
<JohnDK> Jeff : Yes I know - saw the Ruine i Germany just south og the danish/german border in sept ´04 - fell in love immedially ...
<JeffKehoe> This chat thingy is kinda cool, I normally don't go in these, unless it a ***** chat room, and I pretend to ba girl
<JeffKehoe> I saw it in a mag, and had it 2 weeks later, Wifey was a little upset
<JohnDK> jeff : price in Denmark for the Rune : (I sincerely hope ypou are sitting : Danisk kroner (DKK) 599.996 exchange rate to USD approx. 1USD/5,76DKK, danish price for the Rune approx. USD 105.000 (!)
<JeffKehoe> Whoa, one of the kids is cryin', I heard a thump, GOTTA GO SEEYA later
<JeffKehoe> Thats crazy, sorry gotta go
*** JeffKehoe has quit (Quit: Scuttles away...)
<JohnDK> Jeff : Your chat habits : HEEEEE - HEEEEE
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*** Anonymous is now known as easyi
<easyi> hey all
<easyi> hey ken u out there
<easyi> anyone out there
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<KenCrawleySC> .
<KenCrawleySC> I was on the ham radio
<KenCrawleySC> gee. I missed a nice conversation!
<KenCrawleySC> The price of a Rune is similar between its cost here in the States, and in Denmark John.
<KenCrawleySC> My calculations are thus: a beer on tap here is $2.50 Multiply the cost of a beer here by 1000
<KenCrawleySC> you get the cost of a Rune.
<KenCrawleySC> I bet a beer on tap in Denmark is $10.00 US !!!!! Go figure!!
<KenCrawleySC> So, if a beer on tap is 6 Kroner... then all things are equal!!!! A Rune costs 1,000 beers!

<JohnDK> Ken you have rode lot of miles on The Rune - i know from the board - are you satisfied with the handling of the Rune ? - I´m thinking og the the quite special construction of the front fork with the front whelle "running afterwards" the fork - is it "sufficient stiff" ?
<JohnDK> I´ll check the board now ...
<KenCrawleySC> Yes the handling is great
<KenCrawleySC> I have NO complaints.
<KenCrawleySC> I have ridden it up mountains on twisty roads. and hauled ass at 132mph. no problemo.
<KenCrawleySC> and, on the rough roads here in the country in
<JohnDK> Ken - good post on the general message board !
<KenCrawleySC> the little state of South Carolina.... it handles better thyan my Yamaha V-Star
<KenCrawleySC> so, is a beer 6 Kroner?
<JohnDK> Jeff would have written massage board !
<JohnDK> yes a beer is 6 Kroner at the grocery - perhaps a little less ....
<KenCrawleySC> Damn!!!! So my calculations are true
<KenCrawleySC> we will have to ask Hannibal about a beer in Northern Italy!!!!!
<KenCrawleySC> And the Brits too!!!!!
<JohnDK> Ken Yes !
<KenCrawleySC> And, when you drink 3 beers a day at the pub.... You buy a Rune in 1 Year!

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JohnDk. others europeand are getting a Rune, j opened a board for european rune owners, we will put there our addres and pictures

Hi people. hahhahahahah
as you where asking my opinion
j am on chat now. not sleeping. very interesting your price calculation.
my opinion is you started to drink some beers before chatting. hahhahah :lol:
j had a little experience in denmark in 1972. it was the first trip abroad with my father. we left italy by car. a long way to Aarhus. italy was very puritane at the time. the best impression in Denmark:
as soon as we passed the border there was a sexy shop selling hard mouvies. and you may see the mouvies in a small room before purchasing.
for me, a young boy was like to be on the moon. a fantastic world. which free country.
the second impact was to see a flat green country. driving you could see a lot of tires sign going from the road into the fields. j was explained that danish were drinking a lot of beers but not much danger as the ground was flat so cars may ride free on the country :shock:
the third impact was when j understood why the people we were visiting asked us before our departure from italy to get some bottles of a famous italian bitter "Fernet Branca" in denmark the cost was ten times more than in italy.
and now a comparation of life and rune cost.
my rune cost as j managed all is around 23.000 euro. at one bar noon time you may drink a glass of good wine and eat a lot of appetizers for 3 euro
at the same bar one tap beer is 3-4 euro. if you purchase a good italian beer like Nastro Azzurro 500 cc at supermarket the cost is 1,00 euro per bottle. one bottle of italian good wine starts from 2 euro.
j suppose that the globalisation equalize the cost of a rune in the world:
one rune= 1.000 beers.
p.s. j drink only sometimes, never before riding, never riding. j am not smoking. :idea: but j have three children :D
that is why j was able to purchase my rune. j saved a lot of money.
ciao brothers nice your talks, now j am of a better humor. j will try to sleep.
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