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The "Last" -- MSN Rune Riders VIN List

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As most of the "old" time MSN Board members know I have been maintaining a off site, Rune only VIN List, that was started over a year ago by Chuck aka: Sitedata..... it appears that the new board does not support attachements so I won't be able to post it here ......

I will be posting the next / last one before next Friday :cry: .... so if any MSN members want to be added ... or want to print out the documents .... send / post your info ..... do not delay.....

The list has "decoded" the serial numbers... and justified the claim by Florida - as the number 1 Rune state.... was well as answers to How Many - What Colors - Where are They -- When were they Built... etc.

"Keep it Fun"
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I don't remember how your list is set up but you can copy it into a message and I am sure that it might be something that Redvalk could mark so that it stays at the top of the page so that others can post to it and then all you have to do is edit the original page when you want to update the list.
Tim / Mellow,

The VIN List is generated by a MS Access Database ... I pull up the reports, and then export them to Word as a .rtf file. From Word they can be "saved as" a varity of file types.

Another issue word be privacy --- on the MSN Site on "Members" could view the attachments. Here anyone could see the reports. I would like to poll the former MSN group to see if they want the VIN List posted here.

Let me know if you come up with a way to continue the list here.

"Keep it Fun"
Hal / Tim / Mellow,

I like the idea of a VIN List board. Maybe it could kind of work like the posts did on the MSN site ..... owners / members could post their info.... and I would update it to the database and then publish the report about once a month.

It would be nice to clean out the board before posting the new list. As far as changes to the listing, only the member posting / moderator could change it ??? so it should not be a problem.

I did try some copy / paste and while it won't be as "pretty" is should work.

Let me know how to proceed and I'll give it a try.

"Keep it Fun"
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