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CNC lisc. plate frame

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The Rune lisence plate frame CNC

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What do you think , anyone interested .Looking in adding few more mounting holes for the guys who want to lower the frame over the light
I'll have the cost on this one tomorrow.

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Needs Reflectors

Great looking license plate frame. Assuming the RUNE comes in the bike color.

Need to add a small refelector onto the plate. I got a ticket on my VTX for not having a reflector on the rear of the bike. Yes I looked it up in the Code and sure enough they are required.
NO REFLECTOR PLEEEEASE!! Sell a separate one for the folks who want one. The first thing I do to ALL my bikes is remove the darn reflectors, warning stickers, white paint in visible fasteners, and paint markings on tires. Replacing exhausts is 'illegal' too, and most bikers do it at the first opportunity.
I've never had any problems with lack of reflectors, ugly inspection stickers (a joke, really), or front license plates in my cars (required in TX), even when pulled over.
Great looking frame. What's the price of admission? Gulp! :wink:
I hear You

Yep, I agree, but since I've already been ticketed for no reflectors I'm not taking the chance. Sure its a fix it ticket, but its a PIA to get inspected and signed off.
It's kinda chunky and blocks too much of the tail-lights. Just my opinion.
I also think its a little big, covering up the tail lights.

Did I see a post on the old board where someone turned the brackett upside-down and has the light on top :?: I would like to see a pic of that if anyone knows where to find it
Link to MARUNNY Pic

Here is the link to the picture of the upside down plate. ... lvYUrurOsd
Allright guys,
let me rephrase that, the position of the frame can be lowered BUT the light got to go and an other one installed, this way the frame will not block off the tail lights.
NOW my question to you is do you like the frame or not, NOT THE LOCATION OF IT...... :D If it looks bulky it is because it has to be that way to be able to french the plate in the frame ,then there must be enough material left to be able to do a good quality and solid mount.
As for the reflector you can mount the original one from the Rune right behind the frame plate, raise the reflector over the frame on top of the Rune scripted, the only mod is to cut off the two lower tabs on the reflector bracket.
If you want to lower the frame I'll make a bracket tomorrow so that you can mount the plate as low as you want, but you will have to come up with your own light system.
I like the frame

I really like the design, but I've already done the Honda Line billet frame so I'm not in the market for another frame. :cry:
I really like the design. I would definately buy it if it was in a side-mount version like this one:
check out the frames for sale in vendors area.
I Like the look but it's to wide,it shouldn't block the view of the tail lights at all.
Good Job. Is it chrome as it does not look very shiney in the picture?
The frame is not chrome ,
it is aluminum and it can be polished or chrome if you wish, it is just an additional cost on top of the $99.00
Thanks Nurune.
As far as how wide it is all you have to do make the fender wider or contract the State to see if they will make the liscence plate smaller just for the Rune, LOL :lol:
Actually, dont laugh but ithought about trimming the size of the tag as it has an extra 1/2 inch thats not needed.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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