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Is this skid plate / bike jack adapter for you?

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The rune skid plate / bike jack adapter

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A new innovation for the Rune,
I have built a plate that mounts under the Rune permantly so that you can use any bike jack you want to be able to jack your bike up for your maintenance or detailing.
The plate is low profile so you don't see it when mounted on the bike but it is always there when you need it.
It will sell for $120.00 plus S&H
I'll post some pics today and also the clearances ( ground to skid plate) to see if your bike jack will clear.
The clearance on the skid plate / bike jack adapter is 4.3/4 inch from ground to plate

The skid plate will be fabricated out of Stainless steele
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I'd like one of those skid plates. Couldn't suss out how to put my vote in the pole though.
Two questions 1. how heavy will it be. 2. Is it designed to be easy/quick to take off if desired.
Keep up the good work Danny.
Any progress on sorting an ignition module for the Rune?
What metal is it made of? Will it rust? Does it offer any protection to the bike for when you go over curbs etc? I am about 70% sure I want one.
I too want to know. Will it protect the bottom end of the motor if you go over a high curb. If it does than I want one. :lol:
Yes Batman,
it will protect te engine that is why I fabricated these and also strong enough to lift your bike with a regular bike jack. Sears have those for around $69 I beleive.
I will be starting the fab on those next week out of stainless steel.Will figure out the cost when I purchase all the materials.
I am also interested.
Would it be posable to have it powder coated gray like the engine?
I think it would look better that way like it was there from the factory and didn't stand out.
Thanks: Todd
Hi Madroober,
Sorry about the look but as far as the skid plate you can't see it unless you get down on your knees or step back quite a ways and still look for it, I thought Stainless would be better for all my fellow riders that lives in the north and have to deal with rain and snow, which I just found out about it when I went to the Homecoming,we dont have that stuff here in Arizona.
heheheh :lol:


Is this still available? Would order immediately.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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