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The Rune Warranty?

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Does anyone know how to find out how long a warranty is good for on my Rune? I bought it from a private guy who said that he thought it was a two year warranty when he bought it a year ago. He thought that if I call Honda and give them the VIN # then they can tell me. Does that sound right? He also mentioned that the warranty is transferable to a new owner (me). The warranty follows the bike and not the actual owner. I've seen anywhere from a 1 to 3 year warranty offered on bikes that have been on listed on Ebay before. Isn't there supposed to be a standard time frame for all of them? Anyone heard about or have info about these situations for me?
Thanks, Diver Dave
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Hi Dave the Rune has a standard three year warranty.
An additional four years can be purchased I think about $400.00.
I bought my Rune used after I bought it I went to my local dealer gave the sales manager the info and he sent it to Honda for me stating I was the new legal owner.
Extended Warranty

Yes you can extend the original 3 year warranty. When I got mine I made it four years, I was told that you can actually extend the warranty out to 7 years on any Honda motorcycle that is currently covered under extended warranty before it expires. I intend to add 3 more years to mine just before the first 4 years is up.

Hal sells extended warranty's at a discount, I'd contact him for pricing.
Thanks for the info

Hey guys

Thanks for the info. I went to the dealer and he plugged me in to how much time is left on my bikes warranty.
I too will wait until near the end of the warranty and decide if another 4 addition years of coverage is worth it at that point. It's be nice to see feedback from other Rune owners several years down the road after more miles get on them. :p
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