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The tank little plate

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Also available is the famous tank little plate customized with your name, nick name or bike name or.......whatever fits on that little plate. just pop out your plate with the honda logo and press the new one in using the double stick tape.
The cost of the little custom plate is $8.00 which includes shipping

If you want special art on your plate just email it to us and will have our engraver transfer it to the plate for an extra cost of $2.00
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I'm going to order one of these with your side covers; what does it say on the bottom? 'Rune'? Great idea. How is the top finish? Is it lackered, or do we have to be extra careful when cleaning the surrounding chrome?
A big pic would be great too. Does the original 'honda' little plate comes off easily?
Hey Danny, I have a challenge for you. With the creativity you have shown with your products, I'm sure it's doable for you. The only gripe I have with the Rune is the lack of a tachometer, but I refuse to put anything not factory-looking, which means a chrome-bezeled analog unit (you could even match the stock lighting color if you're a perfectionist), similar to what cobra makes for the VTX. There isn't much else you can do to improve on this bike IMO. You could post a 'poll' to gauge demand, before even starting. If it's priced reasonably, I bet almost everybody would buy it.
Have a great weekend.
Hi JC,
The little plate are 1/4 inch thick and the engraving is done on the back of it so that you are looking at the engraving through the 1/4 clear plastic, you can use any cleanner and soft rag just like you use to clean your bike with.The original honda plate come off very easy just use a small knife or screw driver.
Now about your challenge I will consder it .
Re: the little plates,do you have one already made up with the Rune logo just the word RUNE?
If so I would like to get one.
Let me know

Danny, thanks for the plates. I got them yesterday, they look great already on the Rune.

Got my plate


:lol: I love it when a plan comes together :lol:
Thanks a tonnnnnnnnn for the little details which make this bike so great.

The custom gas tank plate looks great :D :D :D :D :D

Diver Dave
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Are these still available? If so I would like to get one. Please let me know
John Henne
Rune #25
Has anyone heard if the little tank plates are still available?

I have sent a couple of e-mails to Danny over the past few weeks, but haven't heard anything. I'd REALLY like to get my hands on one!

Hey Duane

Hey Duane;

If your interested in changing you name to Dave then I have a spare little plate for you :lol:
When I had Danny do mine several months ago, I signed my name on a piece of paper, scanned it into my computer and emailed to him. He took that and made two of them; Diver Dave and Dave
I thought the Diver Dave one looked a little better so I used that but I still have the Dave one.
Let me know.............................. I think the name is pretty good myself. Of course I could be biased :D
Diver Dave-

Thanks for the kind offer. I picked up the phone and called Danny this afternoon. We was quite helpful and a very pleasant person. I ordered up two of his tank plates, which should arrive in a week or so. (I decided to get a second one in case I somehow screw up the first one...

Please tell me how you were able to pry the original plate out without scratching the surrounding chrome.

Plate removal

The orginal Honda wing tank plate is only held on by a grey sticky foam tape. Just use a jewellers flat head screw driver or a tip of a sharp knife to gently pry/lift the orginal plate off. It will come off within a few seconds. Place the new one over and carefully center it before allowing it to make contact with the grey tape. Press down :wink: Walla your done!!!!!

Take a picture afterwards and post it.

Diver Dave
Thanks to Diver Dave

DD; Got the one you sent me (DAVE) and it looks wonderful... :lol:

Have had several notice it while looking at the bike and wondered how I did that... :wink:

Am interested in the lights you did on your's also and would like to get a better idea of the type of light you used, and vendor.

Thanks again

Dave :D
Hey Dave

Got your letter today. Thanks
Love the picture. Seems to be a thing about Dave's having Blue Runes and an occasional Black Cherry (Marune) :lol: We all know that the Blue ones are the most prized and awsome color :twisted:
Diver Dave said:
Hey Dave

Got your letter today. Thanks
Love the picture. Seems to be a thing about Dave's having Blue Runes and an occasional Black Cherry (Marune) :lol: We all know that the Blue ones are the most prized and awsome color :twisted:
Add another David w/ Illusion Blue to the list :p
In need of little take plate......

Hello All,

I just stumbled on this string a couple days ago, and have been unable to get hold of Danny via the phone or email to order one of these little adhesive tank plates. Being of the "I want it now" mentallity, I've already removed the stock plate and discarded of it. So now I have a square space that's begging for a new plate that simply says "Rune". Do any of you have a spare plate or have information on how to get hold of Danny by some other means other than the info he posted on this site last year? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
Me too please. W/Rune logo Thankyou Please,Please!!! :lol:
Original plate removal

One might use a hair dryer to heat the original plate and the gray foam sticky tape it is applied with. Heat will cause the sticky tape to soften and make removal easier. I have used this method to remove aftermarket chrome from my GW.

Me too, with the same symbol as the one on the key! I'll take 2 of 'em, one extra just in case......
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