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Joe = You are too paranoid.

If I can snag either of these for less than $18k I will have my "auxiliary" Rune. And, of course, I wouldnt send any money without laying my hands on the machine and seeing the Title or Bill of Sale. Ken
The 1st bike on the list is currently being advertised by a dealer ( -Sun State Fun Sports- in Florida) on for $18,950 with exactly the same pictures.
Caviat emptor!
I know this is old news... but, never has a scam been so obvious. I've been looking for a Rune for a month or so. I've been checking out EBAY periodically, and today noticed a Rune for a "Buy It Now" price of $8,500. LMAO. So I emailed this smuck... herewith was the response. Ebay should really get these scammers off their service. If not, people won't trust the service to buy ANYTHING!

The guy said, the 8500 includes the price of shipping from FRANCE (I am laughing as I am writing this). When I replied to him IN FRENCH, he told me he's an American who just moved to FRANCE. I wonder if he has suckered anyone... I sure hope not! Sigh!

His Email Follows:

"You will make the transfer to WesternUnion on my name and adress but we will use Square Trade Department like a issue that will hold the money until you will have the bike delivered in front of your DOOR.You will see that this method is the best because until you will have the bike I will not have acces to the info from WesternUnion as:MTCN(money transfer control number),Sender´s name(your name),Receiver´s name(my name),and the money.I am selling this bike because I have my son who will suffer a kidney transplante operation next week and the doctors did some preasures on my head.If you want then please email me your full name and adress and ebay user ID so I can open a case to Square Trade,and after that you will recive an email from them where you will have to send all the info there and all that you need to do.
Please email me asap..."
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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