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This is for the conspiracy theorists

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Draw your own conclusions:

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er....could you tell those of us (like me) that are clueless what we should be looking for? I'm trying to read between the lines and come up with a wild guess....i mean the thing says battery fluid, acid....on the front left. So i'm guessing it's a cover for a bunch of battery acid?

If i really take a stretch at a the numbers in the squares after the names of bikes indicate year models? Is that what this is hinting at ? IE...that this would SEEM to indicate to some that there is an 05 model?

IF that is the guess i'm supposed to make....i'm not making much connection by a tarp/cover for battery acid. and would they already have a cover with these models now?

Hey, i'm just trying to speculate on what we are supposed to be 'conspiring on'. Am I on the right track? If not, can you give me another hint? and where is this picture taken from? More clues would be good :wink:

I'm not good at these guessing games :oops:
let me go on record again (i don't want anyone thinking i might change my mind or be slipping :roll: ). Don't know what this means....but NO 05s. There's my prediction. The cover doesn't mean much to me. But what do i know :?: (nothing....absolutely nothing, that's what i know :oops: ) But if i'm guys will be the first right here to hear me state so. i'll take all the mudslingin' folks want to give me.....i'm a big boy :wink: But even i will have to admit.....IF I WAS ONE OF THOSE THAT BELIEVED in an 05 model....this would tend to get my hopes up. Me, i don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny.....or an 05 Rune :twisted:

on an unrelated note, got the package Hal. THANKS :!: :!: :!:
oh obviously don't know me very well. I've seen and heard it all before. I'm not giving in...i STILL....SAY....NO....REPEAT....NO 05 models. Period. I've seen nothing at all to change my mind. I'll know if they produce any. I have friends on the inside in high places :lol:

In the very unlikely event i'm wrong....which we'll know mid September....then sure, i'd be the first to say so. But so far in this fiasco on the Rune...which started for us LONG TIMERS back in spring of 2002, i haven't been wrong yet :wink:

Now i will tend to agree with you more on your prediction of a resurrected Valk. That DOES make since...and may happen in the next two years. 05 Rune....VERY UNLIKELY................just go look at all the 04s sitting in the show room and .....ok, i've already listed all the other many reasons.

two more months. Somebody is going to eat crow. Will it be you 05 'wishers'.....or will it be me? Don't know. Don't care. I got mine (x2) :p Been enjoying for quite a while now....and wouldn't have waited for NOTHIN' :!: :!: :!:
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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