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This is for the conspiracy theorists

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Draw your own conclusions:

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Here's another little puff of smoke without fire. UK bike magazines are reporting that the Rune is going to be officially imported into the UK in spring '05. Now IF it's true that would mean a new run as all the current production is on dealer showroom floors.
All the UK mags so far are quoting the Rune as the only thing that could wipe the smile off Triumph UK's faces (if/when it becomes officially available over here) since launching the Rocket 3. To quote a major sportbike biased mag " if you aren't impressed by the Rune, and knocked out by it's unique styling, check your pulse you may be dead".
A weekly tv bike show quotes " the Ducati 916 was given a display in the Gugenheim (?) museum for being a work of art, on that score the Rune should be given an entire floor".
The journo's sure do like the Rune over here.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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