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In the beginning, before the Rune was on the street I had been looking at it on the Internet and watching the Honda Video clip not 100% convinced it was for me. I am 46 and have a son, Scott that is 26. He had a 1800 VTX Custom & I, the 1500 Black Standard Valkyrie. My son would go on & on about the Rune and wanting me to get 1. I kept telling him over & over I was totally pleased with my bike. I could strip it down in about 10 minutes, windshield and the quick release saddlebags, and enjoy the wind blowing by. I loved the sound of it with the cobra 6x6 pipes sounding like a 351 Mustang w/glasspaks! If I wanted to go on a trip I could put it back together in 10 minutes. It was totally comfortable and it had plenty of power. But with my son's constant enthusiasm he convinced me to go look at a Rune at the Honda dealership. As soon as we walked in, There it was, Black Cherry Red, sitting by itself away form the other bikes, as if to say to them, Yea you know who the Real Boss is! It had its own unique stretched out low style. I was trying my best to hold in my excitement in front of my son and the salesman if you know what I mean 8) Well first my son sat on it, then I sat on it, I started it up, my heart started pumping, I looked up at my son who was standing next to me and we both were grinning so so BIG from ear to ear :lol: Then that little voice inside me said Goodnight Boy Control Yourself! I had to get off of it and NOW! Well after a lengthy discussion with my son in the dealership, we decided to trade in his VTX and a V-Max for the Rune. My son was so excited he wanted me to drive it and I was the same way for him. I insisted he drive it, it was his bike. Well we took off, I in front in the car as he followed. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him in the rear-view mirror! As we speed up a little I was still watching him and to my amazement, his right leg flew up into the air and back down repeatedly! Another big smile came upon my face as I read his lips " I Love It, I love it, I love it, I love it!
He was imitating a crazy scene on either mad tv or Saturday night live. In the scene this crazy Sex Freaked, 40+ year old woman was being interviewed like she was on a tv show. During the interview she would sit on a couch, floor, desk and then on her boyfriends lap and would talk about sex. She would contort into twisted positions kicking her leg up into the air and saying in a throaty voice "I Love it, I love It, I Love it......" If you have seen the skit you will understand and get it. We laughed all the way home.

After about 2 weeks of us riding around together and switching bikes, I just couldn't believe how much more smooth and powerful the Rune was. Compared to the Valk, it was easier to turn and maneuver and I didn't have to force or manhandle it like I did the Valk. Now being convinced I really liked it, the dilemma was my wife would not be able to ride on the back as before, if I got a Rune. We discussed it and she was totally fine with me getting one for myself. YES! :lol: So after about 3 weeks, I was able to locate the Beast I wanted. Black, Pull Back Bars and Oh Yea that Chrome. :p

I didn't realize all of the attention this bike would attract. One day my buddy Rick and I were ridding around, he was on his Harley. We decided to go down to the Harley Super Center to meet another friend who was there getting his bike serviced. As we drove up to the Harley dealership I could barely back up my Rune into the parking space before we were swarmed like killer bees. There were people everywhere, like in a big huddle admiring the Rune as if it were on Center Stage. I am not exadurating when I tell you there were more people out in the parking lot looking at the Rune than inside the Harley Super Center Dealership looking at Harley's! There was this one grey haired grey bearded rugged looking biker that stopped. As he was still sitting on his Harley and looking at the Rune I overheard him say to another seasoned biker "Honda? I thought someone just put Honda on there to be funny." I had to turn around to keep from being seeing as I was laughing inside. :oops: This was all too much for me! This was also the first time anyone ever, ever took a picture of my bike! Since then it has happend over and over again.

Now my wife and I can ride together since we got the corbin 2up seat and rear boards. My wife likes it better than the Valk because it is so much more comfortable for her. All of my worries have been put to rest about the suspension being able to support 2 people.

What else can I say, I Love It...

I must ad a footnote to this. God has blessed my family and business over and above anything I could have ever dreamd. I owe everything to HIM :!:


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7,033 Posts you know, i too have two Runes. His and hers. I got mine in August of last year....after waiting forever. Had one on order for over a year, but i gave up on that one and found another one available. Feb of this year, i found out the one i had originally ordered had never been i bought it ...for my wife.

So we have a black for me and the cherry red for her. And we love them!

Cool that you too have two in the family, also a red and a black!


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I hated my Tejas

I bought a 30K custom called the Tejas from American Ironhorse and was prepared to enter motocycling heaven after (20) years of owning Jap bikes. Well, the bike was a piece of doo doo.........never ran for more than 200 miles without having a visit to the mechanic........starter clutch...starter motor...broken motor mounts.....oil leaks.... got so I was afraid to ride my spendy little beauty for fear it would leave me on the sied of the road. And it was a beauty. Still one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen. But for 30K it had to do something other than look good. Then I saw a Rune at my local Honda dealer, and the Tejas was up for sale the same day. Bottom line: the Rune is a FAR FAR superior bike in every category except "cosmetics", and it is a close second, there.


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THE Story

I know not how long or far my travels be, perhaps from the time the earth and heavens themselves were made from the flesh and bone of the slain giant, Ymir.

Askr and Embla are my mother and father…as all of us, are children of the first man and woman, who themselves were from an ash and elm tree growing beside this very sea shore ions ago.

I look across the wind-capped seas, my hair pointing the direction from hence I came…my brow, determined and pointing the direction I choose to go.

Those maggot Dwarves that sprang from Ymir’s decaying body have always thrown obstacles in my way. They nip my heels still, I hear them over the dunes. I discarded them as flies in my early young days as a Berserker, a magical warrior that finds himself now, aging, but not old, seeking wisdom rather than blood thirst, and know myself now a Diviner…a Runemaster…reaching into my leather pouch for the answer.

24 stones, each with a symbol as ancient as earth herself, I feel them blindly, let them call my fingers and extract the few that I lay out and read a pattern that reveals past, present and future.

Witness the Giants and Gods that are in constant strife. In the end a three year winter will come from their struggles. It is said all mankind will perish, save one man and woman who will survive in The World Tree, Yggdrasil and the apocalypse Ragnarok will come, and man’s time will start anew.

The dwarves stir louder, scathing vile demons!… I turn to face them, and take them to their end. I raise my blackthorne wood staff…a berserker again!...

I know not how long or far my battles have taken me. I awake in a new world, the gods hide and work in mysterious ways now. I speed away from the primordial shore, away from the apocalypse I refuse to believe, away from or through if need be, the maggot Dwarves that nip at, but can not touch our heels,

… and I meld the magic stones and blackthorne wood staff to power this beast I call Rune and ride to whatever future is revealed.


Note: with thanks to Runenews for the Viking mythological treatise this story incorporates.
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