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This site not listed on search engines Attn: Mellow / Lamont

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The other day I was surfing and decided to see what would come up by entering "Rune Rider" or "Honda Rune Rider". This site did not come up on the first or second page of the Google / Excite / MSN ....

The "old" site was listed on the MSN search.

The link to Big Bike Board / Pic's did come up.

I don't know who should get the word out, but "we" need to be listed on the search engines ......
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of course it does show up if you put runerider.....or runeriders...all one word. maybe something can be done to make it work with the words separated?

Obviously i'm back from Hawaii....but headed to InZane in Kentucky tuesday..........
Well That Makes Sense

If you know the name of the board you'd be able to get to the site directly without a seach. When I was looking for a forum for the Rune I tried several different searches; Rune, Honda Rune, Valkry Rune, none of which would get me a hit to this forum.

Welcome back, the folks tried to get away with some stuff you wouldn't tolerate but I put a stop to it once I found the post about you being out of town. These members, when the cats away the mice think they can play.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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