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Any interest in a stainless throttle control unit

  • Settle for the non chrome unit

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  • Interested in the stainless steel unit

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Throttle control

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I have contacted Breakaway Products about a chrome throttle control .His concern was if the chrome chipped of it may get into the mechanisum and cause it not to disengage. He is considering using stainless steel and having it electropolished. Also the chrome does not grip the slip ring as well.
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only problem is....many of us already have our unit. I have two of for each Rune. i'd only be interested if some how they are going to allow me to trade mine in. I certainly don't want to have to buy two more....'from scratch'....and be stuck with trying to sell the 'old' non stainless units. that just wouldn't work.

so they have to have some kind of trade in for all of us who already have the original unit...and there are quite a few of us out here with the original ones.........
I was the NO vote because I already have the aluminum one.

I would have preferred a chrome one, but then like now one are not available. If one were to be offered I’m not willing to attempt to sell the one I have to up grade. However, were I offered a reasonable trade-in, for the one I have, I could have an interest.
how do it work

how does the throttle lock work does it break away when you hit the front brake, the rear brake or the clutch.
It attaches to the grip.
There are two releases:
(1) a thumb lever release,
(2) hand break lever release.

I think the cost, including shipping is about $210.00. (Works Good)
I also have the alum. one. I want all the chrome I can get on my Rune. So, I suppose I would break down and spend the money for stainless. It may hurt a little but, what is $200 after all we've spent already. Ed
I would swap the aluminum one to my Yamaha V-Star 1100. The pic of the "shiney" breakaway looks awesome. So, I assume, they would make one out of stainless, buffed to a mirror finish. I found the unit indespinsable in my current trip from South Carolina to Denver CO.
Quit Complaining

The poll is to determine interest in the device in Stainless Steel regardless if you have one or not.

Sure it would hurt to have to buy new ones if you own one already, but like Ken said I'd switch the one I have to my other bike (no I wouldn't because I had my chromed, heheheheeheheh) but if it wasn't chromed and I had a bike without one I'd switch it. It works really well and does disengage when the brake (front) lever is activated.

If you're to cheap to throw $200 away there are others who haven't purchased one because its doesn't come in chrome or polished SS.
I installed a brake away on a Boss Hoss and it was super but just plain. Called the owner of Brake away to see if I could get it chromed for my Rune. He said he had done 2 units and wouldn't do any more. I ordered one for my Rune and polished it to a high degree of luster. The problem with polishing them is they have a clear coat of some kind and is a booger to get off. I should have glass beaded it but got it done anyway.

It ain't no clear coat

The finish on the break away is hard anodizing, its a chrome material but not in polished chrome. It has to be sanded to be removed to get down to the bare aluminum and you are correct polished aluminum requires maintenance. I think if enough folks would contact break away and ask for the unit in polished SS he'd do it. It would cost more than the standard unit but so would chroming them. And hence that's why Bill is conducting the poll.
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