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Throttle lock tension

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Can anyone recommend how I can adjust the sensitivity of the throttle lock tension? Often the slightest touch on the grip will cause it to disengage.
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throttle lock

which throttle lock you using? :?:
Throttle - Model

It is the “Breakaway lock modified for the Rune.

Steven how did you place a picture under your signature?
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Breakaway lock

I would redo the adjustments. Something just doesnt sound right. I used the middle size rubber (after the unit was on the throttle grip) on mine and the extension plate and its been working fine. I had to adjust the tension using the four setscrews the first time out but that was all.

You have to watch how you set up the release on the brake lever. Dont install it with the unit touching the brake lever. When you ingage the unit, the black button raises up to meet the brake lever. If it was installed touching the lever, the minute you engage it, it would take almost no movement at all to disengage it. It took a little playing to figure out how it should work. Also, that little plate they give you to go under the black button is not needed.
Let me see

Hmm you ask about your throttle problem and you get an answer to paste photos! interesting. I was told you're allowed to ask only one question per I wrong? I need to attend more Rune Gatherings just to keep up. hmmm
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