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tire pressure

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I just purchased my dream bike and I'm happy to join the family. I know it has been discussed before, ( I can not seem to find it ) - What is the proper air pressure(s) for this bike. [/b]
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i'm running 40-42 front and back. i have 6400 miles on my bike and 3000 on the wife's Rune. I look to have lots of miles left on my bike's tires. Those of us who had Valks found that running 40-42 was much better than Honda's suggestion of 33 on that bike. Tires were wearing out MUCH quicker with the lower pressure. Then some of the tire manufacturers actually stepped in and said run around 40. Some 'larger' folks (read heavier weighing folks :oops: ) started running even a bit 45 or so...and started getting even a few more miles.

Granted, you might have a bit firmer ride at 42 than you would at say 32. But it's worth the added miles on the tire in my opinion. Plus, some folks who were heavier and riding two up were seeing some tire failures with the lower pressures.
42 front and back = me too. The maximum you can go is printed on the sidewall of the tire.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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