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Hi Hall,
please to inform you and European Rune riders they should not be afraid about purchase of spare parts as Direct Line works .
j recived today the front brake pad set still lacking from previous shipments.

j have to mention one point that Direct Line should consider and one point for the Rune owners

to Direct Line, please make only one shipment. j made one order but j received four parcels. it is a loss for both to receive a small parcell including only 6 spark plags.
Anyway thank you, may be j am asking too much.

to Rune owners. take care how european custom is calculating duty and taxes.
The custom bill should mention the goods value plus the freight. this amount is specified into the invoice attached to the parcel. controll that the amount on which they calculate is the same of the invoice(included of freight) split per the euro change.
J found a mistake in this last custom bill and Fedex will amend.

concerning the matter if brake pads are proper to my brakes j have to wait till when j need them hahhahaha :shock:
ciao bross today minus 10°
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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