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To Those Who Got The K&N Filter Adapter

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Although I missed out, I was still wondering for those who did get it, did it live up to what the claim was? you know more pep & almost no soot on the exhaust. All responses would be appreciated, thanks
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I’d like to be heard.

I’ll do the best I can and that will not be of much help.

Since having the K & N adaptor and filter installed I’ve only put 100 miles on the Rune. Probable 80 of those mile I had a passenger. Since I received my passenger peg mounts and the K & N filter at about the same time I’ve been besieged with requests for a ride on the Rune.

(1) I can’t yet speak as to increased power because I’ve had extra load.

(2) The sound level has very much increased. That muted roar we all love to head can now be heard by people in the car next to me. The whine has as well greatly increased in volume.

(3) As I only have 100 miles on her I can’t report on the residue with much authority. However, I don’t think it is very much lessoned. I always clean the exhaust at about 100 miles and it needs it now.

All-in-All I’m happy with the sound. The Rune really does growl.
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I have 400 miles on the new filter. I took a girlie passenger for the first time last night. The low end throttle is a whole lot smoother and has more pep with the extra weight than before the mod with a passenger. The accelleration in the range of 50 - 110 mph is a whole lot quicker. From 110 to 132 it seems a tad labored than before... but, that might be that the increased roar FRIGHTENS! me! It is loud at the 5,000 RMP range. Soot: about 1/3 so far. Fuel economy: when I gas up today I will know, but I am at 200 miles on the odometer, and there are still two bars on the lcd fuel gauge. Starting out on a cold morning: the throttle response is smoother. The mod is definitely worth it so far.
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