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Tomahawk Wi Cycle Rally

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Just back from Tomahawk Wi. Estimate of up to 17,000 bikes over the 4 day rally. There was ONE Rune least that I was aware of.... that be me. I spent so much time telling folks about the Rune and hating to take it away from the groups of gawkers that I didn't have much time to ride ..... I had several people walk right up to me at stop signs and begin asking about it... One guy asked me to hold (to everyone else behind me's consternation) so he could take a picture...then 2 then 3... The comments from the sidewalk as I rode slowly up the main drag... . were awesome... "Look at that monster custom" "Hey look at this one coming (the whole crowd turns)" "I think that's the big Honda Cruiser" "That's the $30,000 Honda." "How much of that chrome came stock?" "I have never liked metric cruisers but I love that bike" " Wildest looking bike I've ever seen" "Looks awesome but how does it ride?" - like a silk saturn booster rocket.... You get the picture...and yes I loved it all... This bike is as much fun to park as it is to ride... everyone wants to see it and ask questions... Most all the HOG members that talked to me loved it. :D My brother in law told me that I had to put it in the parade (he didn't have to pressure me much :D ) It was a great time... Lot of folks pointing and turn to see what all the excitment was about.... yep the Rune.... The guy running along side of me said he's never seen a cruiser with that much gunpowder... as the parade would stretch out a bit, I would run it up to about 5000 revs in first gear before pulling it back... I would leave him looking like :shock: when I shot away from him...He said (after the parade) "man... never seen anything so powerful fast and so good lookin...I'm a believer"

Next year I hope we can get a few more Rune Riders there... It is usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend of Sept... :D
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