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Touring windshield

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I just installed the SwitchBlade system from National Cycle. It took 15 minutes. It looks great and you can remove and install it in seconds with no tools. They have 3 sizes 2-up, shorty and deflector. I have the 2-up it is the touring model it is great. I purchased the kit for the 1800 VTX 03. :lol:
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national cycle windshield

Are you saying the national cycle kit for the vtx fits the Rune ? I spoke with them today and they said they don't have a kit for thr Rune and have no plans of making one as of now . I just purchased the memphis shades kit .It works ok execpt the right side lower bracket can't be tightened due to the hydraulic lines being in the way .

I talked to them on Monday (National Cycle) and got the same response. I went to my dealer and took some measurements of the VTX 1800 , same size (2 1/8" diameter) forks. I called NC back and asked for the length of the mounting bracket and the headlight hole size. It would fit. I ordered one and installed it. I emailed NC yesterday and let them know that it fit great and they said that they would need to fit one before they would recommend it.
Doug :roll:

I can try. It will be my first attempt at this so it might take me awhile. :shock:
touring winchield

Thats great news .I would like to see a picture as well .

I posted some pictures in my gallery. I had trouble with the size limit. I also posted some under photo post, RUNE RIDERS -(IAMRUNED).
Sorry it took so long, I am just learning this internet stuff. :roll:


It does offer good protection. I think they do offer it in colors. Check out their web site it is called the Switch Blade system and they have 3 sizes of windshields for the switch blade system. Your welcome. :lol:
Corbin faring

Am I the only guy who dropped the $1,000 for the Corbin faring? I shoulda bought another Desert Eagle .50AE instead. (I already have 2)
Ken, you're one of the few, buddy. been a few bad reports on them about vibration and such.....but then, to be honest, there's been some complaints on the Windvest too (i like that shield so much, i put ANOHTER one on my wife's Rune). Some say the Windvest has too much buffeting.

And...the Windvest is kind of pricey too (for just a windshield). It's about 350. But i love both of mine. Likewise you'll hear varying reports on seats. I have Corbins on both my Runes. I LOVE the looks of the Corbin....and it is more comfortable than the stock seat. Now, the Ultimate seat MAY be more comfortable on the windshield...i am VERY PARTICULAR about what goes on this bike. It ABSOLUTELY has to look PERFECT. so for me, the windshield ABSOLUTELY has to be the Windvest (ALL the others....the National, the Memphis Shades....and especially the Rifle....look bad to me. The Corbin 'fairing doesn't look good either). Likewise, the seat ABSOLUTELY had to be the Corbin, as the Ultimate seat just looks too boxy for me.....ruins the lines of the bike.

But then....that's just me. Everyone has their own tastes.....thank goodness. Hey....if someone ever makes a better LOOKING (not talking about function, on this bike....TO ME....looks are EXTREMELY important....function just kind of important) seat or windshield....i'll buy two of them for my two bikes. But so one has. The Windvest and Corbin seat still look best....and function ok.

but again...that's just me :wink:
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Corbin Faring - Vibration - and driving lamps

Yes, the faring is subject to vibration. The major culprit is the "trim tab" screw that you turn to raise and lower the faring. There is too much slop. I am thinking about adding a rubber bumper inside. When I am on washboard roads, I hold on to the faring to dampen the vibrations. Packing the mounting screws with locktite would probably help a lot, as would a small "vibration damper shock absorber". the corbin faring looks best when parked all the way "down".

Another thread: driving lamps
I agree with you RedValk, that it has to look absolutely perfect to go on the bike. I am thinking of purchasing a 2nd set of front turn signals from Honda and converting them to Halogen bulbs for perfectly matched hardware on the fork. whattadya think?
those driving lights you talk of might have possibilities? One great thing about this get to hear...and see...lots of different interesting and new ideas! there are a lot of creative minds here.

And just because i or someone else doesn't agree with every idea we see....doesn't mean we don't respect the creative 'juices' that are flowing here!

i was one of THE FIRST people to put a windshield on my Rune. I got my first Rune 9 August last year. And BEFORE i got it, i was talking with Windvest folks about a possible shield. When i got my Rune, I immediately had Windvest send me a shield to begin taking measurements and help them create the Windvest for the Rune. i had possibly the FIRST Windvest on a Rune (ask Doug and Al at the company, they'll tell you).

LOTS of guys told me i was messing up my bike...ruining it by putting that shield on. Many changed their minds once they saw it on the bike (some even quietly asked me for ordering info and then got their own....go figure :twisted: ). But in the end, some still thought it was a bad idea.

So I will be one of the last guys here to ever 'slam' something someone puts on their bike. If you ask my opinion...I'll give it (like what windshield i like best....which ones i don't like the looks of...etc.)...and my opinion might very well be different than the next guys. But i sure do respect the right for everyone to be individuals and make their bike EXACTLY what THEY want it to be!

OK...disclaimer done. :eek:
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I was the first

Tim, but I had the first WindVest by one day. :twisted: Yours was in the mail when I went in to see Doug to have him install it. You did all the up front leg work on providing them the technical information but I got mine first. I even got the experimental 16x18 dark shield. I like the looks of the WindVest but its just to narrow so I'm going to try a Memphis Shades and see how that looks.
Memphis Shades

Motorman, would you post a picture of the Memphis Shades shield installed on the Rune. I'd really like to see what it looks like.

I'll take some pictures today . By the way, it works very well . I have the 19 inch shield on at the lowest setting . It is just a little high for me .I also tried a 17 inch from my wife's bike and that was a little low . An 18 inch would be perfect . While I think all bikes look better with no shield,a shield doesn't hurt the style of the Rune any more or less than other bikes .
By the way,has anyone tried a more powerfull lightbulb in the headlight ?Right now,my bright light seems to be shinning up too high and to the right .The low beam looks ok but it's not very bright . I'm afraid if I adjust the high beam where it should be,the low beam will be way off.
ok...i guess i'll have to settle for being number hours i guess. But i do get to take claim for helping to design it! And i do remember the heated discussions about how we were going to RUIN the horrible it would be. But then when people saw that small, streamlined, quality, cool shield, MANY changed their minds and said it looked pretty good.

That's why i have that Windvest. Protection of a FULL windshield? HECK NO! But good looking, quality and streamlined to match the looks/lines of the bike? HECK YES!

I can't ever change to anything the Rifle, the National, and the Memphis Shades are OUT for me. They don't look as good. PERIOD. But they probably are more functional......

Hey, if i wanted function...i'd have storage too :cry: Come to think of it, if i want functional, i just ride my Valk :D
Yeah, I was one of the people that was against a windshield on the Rune until I saw the windvest.

It really doesn't look bad. The only problem is that the shield isn't really tall enough for me and puts the top of my helmet right into the turbulent air and causes some buffeting. I am still playing with it. If I can't get it right, I will probably sell it here on the board. Nothing against Windvest, it's a quality product, but it might not work out well for me.

I am going to lower it to the lowest position and try to get my head into some cleaner air.
I guess I have the second 16"X18" DARK prototype windvest built. I have to agree especially on the RUNE it has to look good. My wife is getting use to the buffeting, she says its better than no windshield. She does'nt have to use the bunjy cords on each side of her helmet any more to hold her head up right.

i have changed my bulbs to PIAA H7's nice white light i also have adjusted my headlight several time to get it just right for me .... all you need to do is get out an alan wrench that fits the covers and then a oen end wrench to adjust the beam not rocket sience but as al can tell you who know me i am a headlight freak they gt to be right
I have the PIAA lights, but havent swapped them out just yet. But I have adjusted my headlight by bringing it lower. Check my posts about my HID driving lights I drilled/tapped onto the engine guards. Although RedValk dont like the looks of the catcher's mit screen around them, they improve my frontal visibility about 1,000%. They will burn dark spots in your eyes if you stare at them. ken
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