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Trailer hitch

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I remember seeing something about a trailer hitch for a RUNE but can't find it any more. Can anyone help me? I think it was custom made by some one in Quebec.
Thanks, P_RUNE
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rune hitch

I have a bunch of pics but can't figure out how to send them through runeriders. I can send them directly to your email if you want

Hi RuneRunner I would be interested in seeing those pictures of the hitch.
I can post them for you if you wish.
My email is [email protected]
Ride Safe!
I'd also like to see the hitch. Can you also give some info about it..... where from, how much, easy or hard to fit etc.
TIA Steve :yes:
Here a few pics
i will send the pics to all that want them, :lol:

I can log in to bigbikeriders but do not see how to post the pics :oops: . is this where i put them :?:

Here are two of the PICS that RuneRunner sent me.

I will let him reply to any questions about them.
Ride safe!
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I looks like the hitch can come off pretty quick and leave no sign of any fittings. Is that right?
you can goto big biker and look for my posted pic of bike and trailer
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Hi Tinpony Very nice setup Is that a Dauntless Motors Peak trailer?
Did you do the install your self and what does the hitch weigh?
Thanks in advance.
yes it is a peak trailer and I installed the hitch my self. The hitch weighs about 10 to 12 lbs it bolts up througt the frame into the fender four bolts.
I hard wired the plug into the wire harnes on the fender so when you take the fender off there iis nothing to un plug. It tows great 120 and you don't even now it there. The trailer came with 13" tires and wheels had a hard time finding crome 13" wheels so I put 14" and a low profile tire.

Tom Sr and Jr are making me knock offs for for the wheels to match the one on the bike The stuff they are making for us is allsome. Can't wait for the valve covers with pegs. and for the golfer the traler will carrier 2 sets of golf clubs with lot of room to spare
Hi Tinpony, where did you buy the hitch itself from? Is it made for the Rune or did you have to mod it?
Denray, out of Qubec offers a hitch similiar, if not exact. I pull a sinhgle wheel n-line. Trips include Inzane, Myrtle Beach, Datytona and home to K.C. Pleased with both products.
[email protected], Web or 819-225-4240
denray is the only company that makes a hitch The pics of the blue rune was the first he left his bike for awhile and I thank him for that the cost was 350 or 375 plus shipping
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