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Help! There was a big "hubbub" about the new 2005 Goldwing. From what I can tell, the only REAL change is a new badge for the front end. I can't tell for sure if they made any adjustments in their over heating problem or not. I tried to access the HRCA site last night to get a look at the new bike, along with the new colors etc. O.K. Now to my point. It looks like the 2005 wing pretty much isn't any different than the 2004. Oh yes, looks like the price has increased abouyt $500. Because I REALLY REALLY want to keep my Rune, I think my only option at this point is to find 2004 model at a cheaper price, rather than to buy a 2005 wing (I want ABS on it) at about $19500. I want to show my wife the colors of the '05. Hmmmmmm....forgot where I was going with this. OH yes, has anyone downloaded the new wing colors for me to see. Maybe I can talk her into going with an 04 model (she likes black, but the 05's aren't offereing black) at a cheaper price so I can keep my BABY. I realize I may not be able to have both, but if I'm going down, I'm making sure I'll be in flames when it happens.

One story. I was at a stop light down town. The governor was on the side walk "grinnin' an grabbin'. He saw me, walked over and said, "that is one cool bike." I would have thought that was pretty cool, except the governor is sort of a dork.

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