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Twist a throttle for Indian Larry

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Indian Larry lost control on one of his stand on the seat tricks on Sunday and died later. We've lost a great custom bike builder.
The next time you're on your bike twist the throttle and rev it up for Indian Larry. :(

Here's a link to the story ... incabarrus[/code][/url]
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Just came back from the garage and started the Rune for Indian Larry.
I feel for all his family and friends that he left behind.I never met the guy but Had huge respect for his work. We will miss him.
My Prayers Go to Indian Larry His Family and Friends.
He will be missed!
Ride Safe!
Discovery Channel

There is a nice memorial photo essay about Indian Larry at May he continue to inspire the freedom we all feel when we ride.
He was more than a biker

I think Indian Larry was one of the most respected builders around. I extend my heartfelt condolances to his family and friends, my next ride will be dedicated to a legend. He is with us all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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