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two Runes on Como lake

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Hi Steven, Angela is making salutations to you. she feels much better and enjoied the ride to Vienna .

today j rided on Como lake with Steve from G.B. and 9 other italian bikers and more from G.B. and north europe.
we had been authorised to carry only one Runbe on the restaurant terrasse., see also the superMario pictures.

You may see also my new dual seat plus the windshel and the Maxia by GIVI. it is not the best but an urgent solution for the august rides.

here the ride from the official walk italian site

ciao Hannibal.
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So cool and so so Italian. What were you guys eating at lunch?

black cherry forward set
Como lake

Hi Joecey,

the restaurant La Madonnina is on the top of mountains in the middle of the Como lake. on the front side there is the town of Mandello (the Moto Guzzi factory). yes the meal was tipically italian of this area. The menu very reach with vine had a cost of 25,00 euro (31,00$) four starters + salami, rise and potatoes pasta, beef meat cooked with vegetables a sort of no chilly goulash (brasato) and hart. at the end icecreamwith peaches and italian espresso. the lighter food was: boiled yellow floor mixed with local cheese and deep in liquid war butter.
Came and ride with us in Italy.

Great Photo's

Send my greetings to your lovely wife. Your photo's are wonderful. You European riders dress just like us American riders, very cool.
Hi Steven

ciao Steven tks you,
other pics from Austria Meeting.

ciao Hannibal
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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