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UHaul Motorcycle Trailer

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Anyone ever used the motorcycle hauler from U-Haul? Will it handle the Rune? They list the max weight as 790#, so it's cutting it close. Since I will be moving to Seattle in the next couple of months, I need a way to get my Rune up there. I'll be towing with my Avalanche, so that won't be a problem.

I was thinking of just buying a trailer, but $14.99/day is a LOT cheaper.
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Trailer / rent or buy

My brother bought a light trailer to hual his Harley ( should have come with the bike for trips to the dealer !!! ) He live in Vegas if you want to see it. Give me buzz at [email protected] and I'll share his phone number.
Is he selling his trailer?
Rune on a U-Haul

Shawn. E-mail me and I'll send you the pix on how Cyclops and I brought his 86 miles after it broke down on the road. We used that very trailer and I took a pic from every angle to show how we secured it. It JUST fit and travelled without a single problem

I don't think that U-Haul will let me rent the trailer one-way to Seattle, though. It looks like I will have to buy a trailer. I would rather buy a trailer and haul it myself than pay a company to move it for me! Probably just about the same cost, anyways.
VegasShawn said:
Anyone ever used the motorcycle hauler from U-Haul? They list the max weight as 790...
Shawn, that's the DRY weight buddy (no battery, no tools, and no fluids of any kind. A joke, basically). A major bike magazine (Rider, I believe) reported its wet (fully fueled) weight at 894 lbs; just 4 shy of the GL1800. I wouldn't use that trailer.

Hope this helps.
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