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Hi all, Got my 2nd (don't ask me why a guy would want 2, oh well, a 3-spoke & a 5-spoke) Ultimate chrome, knock-off and Pivot covers. Their quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. It changed the whole complextion of the rear wheel. I love it, (Picture is in my Gallery). I had a 30 minute conversation with Tom Sr. We joked, laughed and talked bikes. What a neat man he is. I hope they continue inventing Rune stuff. Ed
Ps. Beware of free goodies in the shipping box. They sent me one chrome cap as a teaser, for the set and guess what, it worked.

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Tom and his family make NOTHING but top quality products. I'm sure your Rune will greatly benefit from their products.
Chuck, I'm sure you got what you deserved from Tom's lil' puppy after you pulled his lil' stub of a tail :)
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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