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Ultimate Seat

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Hi All,
Got my Ultimate seat last week,looks and feels good. Great product, great service an out of the box Great fit :) . I got the black seat with backrest, with red stiching and black ostrich inlays on the seat area and along the sides and on the back rest pouch. Really complements the black cherry red rune.
Thanks for a great product Des.
P.S only problem I have now is I can't ride for a few weeks, I threw my back out. :(
Ride safe
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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Sorry about your back

Sorry about your back Rich. I hope you get well soon. I talked to Dez before I bought my Corbins but he couldn't get to market quick enough for me. Just as well his aesthetic isn't mine. I hope you get to ride soon my friend.


I saw the Ultimate seat display at the Hoot, but didn't seen the Rune seat, could you post a photo.

Sorry to hear about the back, I had a chronic back problem for most of my life, have had two back surgery's and now have a new life. I had the leg pain and loss of feeling so surgery was a good option.

Just finished my around the country ride in 25 days on my VTX Retro (Corbin Seat). The only problem I've had with the Corbin, is with 25k miles on the seat I think it needs new leather, kind of worn off some of it on this most recent trip.
Baton, Lov to
Be patient with the pics of my seat,I will get it to you soon. I already had surgery w/ a plate inserted 2 yrs. ago at C6 & C7 (upper) I'm doin' the Chiropractic method on the lower now. What sucks is that he don't take insurance. 3 corbin seats plus 1 of Tom's Ultimate Knock off spinner :cry:
Take care
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
My Ultimate Seat came in the mail last week but I haven't had a chance to ride on it yet. Mine is black with custom tan ostrich inlays in the sides and the seating area. I did not get the backrest.

It IS a little chunky looking. My Corbin flows with the bike better, but I think the Ultimate seat will flow with MY rear end better. I'll probably end up using both seats. The Corbin for the short hauls and when I want to show off the Rune and the Ultimate for the "long hauls".
I have 3 seats for my Rune. I have an Ultimate Rune LOWRIDER Solo cruiser seat, a Corbin Fast Gun solo and the Honda stock seat.

I rode my Ultimate for 230 miles last Saturday and after about 100 miles I developed severe leg pains in my thighs and hips.

I then rode 140 miles on Sunday on the Corbin without any pain. I also rode the Corbin to Daytona (850 miles round trip) last fall without any real discomfort. Of course the seat was firm and the length of the trip was tiring.

For me I think that the comfort levels of the two seats are directly dependent on the two different sitting positions. I had Corbin raise the seat height about 2" and move me about 1" forward. The Ultimate is their stock position being about 1" lower and 1" forward compared to the Honda stock seat.

So far as appearance and style, I like the looks of the Rune best with the Corbin installed. The Corbin fits the lines of the bike best while the Ultimate is a bit bulky. But it is nice to have all three and to be able to use them to change the look and feel of this great bike.
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I can't do the lowrider Ultimate Seat, At 6'4", I don't think it would have been a good option! It does look better than the king seat only because it's not as bulky. I don't think the Ultimate look BAD, it's just not as streamlined as the Corbin.
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