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Valve Cover lettering removal

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I'm not ashamed of my Rune being a Honda, not at all, but I never liked
a company name being all over a bike that I spent thousands of bucks on to make it my custom.(Like I just did!)
To remove the black Honda letters off the valve covers I just use good old laquer thinner and Q-tips. Worked like a charm.
It still says Honda but it doesn't stand out and dominate the valve cover.
I post a pic of it when I post all my pics of the DRAGNN next monday!
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Thanks for the tip Hogslayer. This will have to suffice until someone comes up with new valve covers. Much appreciated.

Iron Mike
Hey HS, I completely agree with you. First thing I'll do to my bike is remove the darn 'honda' letters on the rear fender, as well as any other hideous stickers on gas tank, etc. Immediately next is your suggestion, plus the side reflectors, if they don't look perfectly integrated (they're usually just tacked on for compliance).
After that, all the white paint honda loves to put everywhere, especially the one in conspicuous places, along with the markings on the sides of the tires. A good detail would finish the initial phase of ownership.

Have a great day.
This sounds like an intresting project for Ultimate

Tom & Tom

Do you guys have time to possibly look into replacing the engine covers? looks like you may have enough buyers to make it worth while.

Sorry to give you guys more work, but you do such damn good work, I could not resist.

Let us know.


I could not agree more. I kinda look at the Rune as lexus is to toyota, Acura to Honda, Infiniti to Nissan etc. etc. The vast majority of people that ask me what the bike is are avid die hard Harley people. For the main part most give a good compliment but there are those that when you tell them (as thats normally their first question) what it is, they hold back from telling you how great it is. I have de-badged the Honda logos wherever I could and when people ask me what it is, I just tell em its a "Rune" and no more. Then Ilet the die hards tell me how great it is and let em bury themselves in their admiration for the bike and then tell them "its Hondas Custom Bike". There's no escaping it then!! I too would buy the covers in a heartbeat if it had the Rune logo embossed into it.
Letter removal

I used good old Acetone and on old stiff toothbrush. About 20 minutes later both valve covers were black Honda lettering free. Just make sure you hold a rag around the toothbrush head as you use it, so as not to have any slight fleck splatter from the tooth brush anywhere else. Plus dip the tooth brush often and frequently since it evaporates so quickly as you use it. I found this way was much more effective and faster then using a Q-tip. The tooth brush gets into the lettering corners much better.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Diver Dave :p
I thought about using a toothbrush, but I opted for Q-tips, less scratch factor.
I thought about the scratch factor as well but after doing one letter carefully it worked out fine. I used a clean but somewhat stiffer tooth brush and it didn't scratch the covers at all. :lol: :lol: Got a picture of it in my gallery.
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