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Hi to All,

I've been away from the site for a little bit. I maintain a off site data base of Rune owners with spec's and locations.

A Thank-You goes out to all that have sent in their info, I've updated the DB and cleaned out the VIN List Board and my message box. I hope that I did not miss and "Newbies"

When I post the new lists in about a week I am going to get rid of the 4-Sale Bikes ... they were great for breaking down the VIN Number .... but now that it is decoded the list will be cleaner without them.

If you send in your info please include you screen / member / user name only. TaraRune has brought up a point .... that no matter how slim a chance it is .... that if your bike was stollen and the thief was able to look up you serial number / name on this site they may be able to get a new "HISS" key.

The VIN List has never displayed first or last names .... only screen / user names..... so this should not be a problem.

I look forward to greeting the new members and wish a Happy Holiday to All
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