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we be chattin', RIGHT NOW! (800 PM CST Sunday night)

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Well........I tried again, but I have no clue as how to work the chat room? :banghead:
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1. click on the "Rune Riders Chat!" in the right hand upper corner
2. after it starts loading...if it offers to start some other type of YES
3. after it starts up and shows connected, type /nick Sitedata
4. just type whatever you want to type!
5. oh yea....make sure you are on the Rune Rider chat board when you type...there is also a allbiker board too. Just click on the Rune Rider channel...if you aren't already on it

I think i saw you CHuck. Someone joined....and i said Howdy...but they didn't respond. Try AGAIN....i'm waiting for ya'
I've done the above, but I can't find a send button?
...there is NONE. just type what you want in the 'window'...and hit your enter will send out!

Come on can do it.......
Don't do it, RedValk talks dirty.
The chatroom software disconnects you if you are idle for a while. That sthinks. Usually I am on AOL instant messenger all the time as my handle: KenCrawleySC
For the past week I have been in Boulder CO. My Rune is in SC, with the Battery Tender conected.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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