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Welcome to the NEW Honda Rune Riders Board-

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I hope you like your new message board. :D It will take some time getting use to it for some of you and some of you have been using this type of format for awhile now. There are a few things you need to know before you start posting.

First off this is a new board and none of your old information from the MSN board is stored on this board. Your membership on MSN has nothing to do with this board. Those are two different data bases. You will need to "register" to create a new user name and password. Remember the first box you fill out is what will be shown as your user name. You can edit your profile at any time.

The rules are the same on this board, play nice and keep it clean. This board would be like reading a Motorcycle Cruiser magazine, NOT an Easyrider magazine :wink:

We have boards setup for everything now so try and post the right messages on the right board (tech goes in tech and so on). This will make it much easier for you to read what you want to read. I can move messages if I need to.

You have full control over your messages. You can edit and delete any of your own messages and you can change any of your profile information.

You can have a "avatar" under your handle but if you link to a picture make sure it's no wider than 140 pix or else it will slow down the boards and mess up the look of the page. If you don't have a way to resize your picture just send me the full size picture and I will crop it and load it for you. If I see a avatar that is too big I will remove the link and resize the picture myself.

If you want me to load a picture/avatar for you remember to tell me the user name you signed up with and that it is for the RuneRiders board. I'm running a bunch boards right now and I don't want to go looking for you on all my boards. :? Send your picture to [email protected] and I will load them as fast as I can.

This is a work in progress so the look of the board will change as we get use to it.

This web space is paid for by Honda Direct Line and LaMonster so please respect that and do not SPAM our boards. We have created a board just for small or new vendors in hopes that it will help out the little guy that's just getting started. Direct Line is always interested in new products if you would like to distrubute through them.

Have fun and enjoy your new board. :D
Let the posting begin! :lol:
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I'm Here

Got signed up okay, and think I got he avatar linked.
New message board

Lamont, Hal, Tim, Thanks for the new message board. I'm sure it will be a big hit once everyone gets a chance to register. It also looks like it will be easy to navigate, once we start to get more posts. Regards, Runehead
Thanks for taking care of us

Signing up was a snap just getting use to the new board,requires some Rune practice(it got some tight turns :p ) thanks again guys
AKA Dannyhide
New nickname

RedValk said:
didn't recognize your new nickname at first.....might be a slight learning curve of those who chose to change nicknames :?:
Yes decided to change my nickname, I'm now using my Rune's name
"VITKI" and just added the year to it.
VITKI means Rune master in Germanic language used by Vikings back in the days where there was no Rune( honda that is :lol: ).
Sorry for the curve ball !!!! :wink:
Ride all safe
welcome to good ole days, makes you respect the board that much more....
yes i do remember visting and reading those posts......
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