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west coast riders?

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anyone up for a group ride this weekend? Let me know. I've never ridden with another rune.
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Where do you ride? I roll out of the Seal Beach area. Dale
Hey joecey where in California are you?
If you are in the North State this weekend is Big Bike weekend here in Redding :)
I plan on participating with my Rune should be fun.
Hey Todd,

I spend a few weeks each summer at Whiskeytown Lake. Wish I was up there this weekend......water skiing and rune riding..hmmmmm, it does'nt get much better. Dale
Hi Dale anytime your up this way let me know there is some nice riding up here I would be glad to show you some of the back roads.
Lake whiskey town in nice I have a boat but haven't had it out once this year :oops:
Seems when I have free time the first thing I do is jump on the Rune :lol:

Hi there, there is a great Poker Run this Sunday in Cloverdale just north of Santa Rosa,big event & there will be at least one Rune there. Want info let me know.
I live in Los Angeles in the santa monica/brentwood area which is very close to malibu which is where I ride. I would not mind riding somewhere else.

Anyone close?

blck chry

I'm in Orange County. Does'nt look like I can make it this weekend, but I have been thinking about riding up to the Rock Store. Two Runes should get some attention. Perhaps we can get a ride together sometime in the near future.

Thanks for the offer. I'll give you a shout next time we are coming up. Looked at some property up there this past summer and want to look some more. Go put that boat in the lake.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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