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What fuel do you use?

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What Fuel Octane to use

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I was curious as to what Fuel everyone is running. I was initially using Premium 93 octane. Is it my imagination when I use regular 87 octane there is not as much exhaust residue on my pipes or rear wheel? I can't tell any difference in performance in the two. I know the book calls for 93. Will long term use of 87 cause any damage? If we are able to add more air to the mix would that help the residue problem?

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my concern is that the lower quality fuels have less additives for cleaning

in italy we have two grades, that j still have to check in octane.
super(normal) and super octane.(very rare to find, it seems that only shell has.)
j found some difference.
normaly j fill with no brand name(normal) and engine is working properly.
j had bad experience with brand name normal on the highway. the engine was not working for some time starting at stop the engine was trying to turn off. j filled a tank of shell premium and the engine cleaned.
j am starting to use STP nero per injectors as recommended from other walk riders, j will post results as soon as j get it as not easy to find.
Hey you forgot California

Here in the great state of Kalifornia we have 87, 89 (sometimes) and 91. I use 91 as the book says.
The use of low octane fuels in engines designed for higher octane can cause pre-ignition (sometimes called pinging or knocking) on the compression stroke resulting in a loss of power and possible damage to the piston heads. I only use the specified octane (91 or higher) in my bike.
Thanks Guys for your input, Premium it is!


Hi the rune is the first gasoline engine j have since 1989. all my cars and trucks are diesel.

so j asked today for the octane we get normally, not premium.

the standard is not less than 92. now that j know j am more happy.

Has anyone tried V-Power in their Rune? According to Shell, the fuel is supposedly the most technologically advanced and cleanest burning fuel out there. At 93 octane, I think I'll give it a shot.

Let us know how the Shell fuel does :) you may want to also ck the exhaust residue & see if there is any change


J am making an inquiry to all filling.
the final report says that:
standard green super is 95 octane
shell has also a premium at 98. very costly.

so till now my rune is working at 95. but the exaust chromed terminals must be cleaned any 800 km

the black inside part of the right exaust stll more dirty than the left. Ken should be right, wind position.

ciao hannibal
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