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What has kept me busy ...

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Hi to All,

I've been off the board for a little bit .... this is what has filled my time... just bought these buildings next to my house, and have started to rehab them. There are four building total, on about 3 acres. They will add about 5000 sq ft of shop / storage to put more stuff in .... now what to fill them with ???????

After a couple of months of work - Grading / UST Removal / Roofing / Doors / Siding ... they are starting to look better .... still a few more months of work to get them up to snuff.....

Also wanted to see if I can post a pic.
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Welcome back!

I can empathize Marune! I have some buildings that need a little tlc, but they're going to have to wait til sep-oct then I'll probably be disappearing for awhile, I have lots of fun things to do this summer and most involve my bikes or my cars. Good thread "I like my Rune". Again welcome back!
I thought you were in jail.........again!

Hi Dave, I wondered what had become of your carcass, I’ve missed you.

About two months ago I met up with Tom & Tom, from Ultimate Machining. In fact just about the whole family was there; Tom Sr., Tom Jr., Kitty, (who is the boss of the family and a real Fox as well), Tom Seniors’ brother (who’s name escapes me now) and a friend of theirs, Jorge. Jorge has with out a doubt the best looking Rune on the road, even better than mine. He has chromed just about every piece of metal, not factory chromed, on his Black Rune. I’m going to give him mine to do the same with.

These are super nice folks and it was my pleasure to have met and had lunch with them all.

There were four Runes together at the gathering. In my photo gallery there is a picture of the four. The photo doesn’t do justice to Jorge’s Black Rune.

Glad your back and which of the buildings will be for your guest accommodations?
Hi Chuck,

We have plenty of room for guests --- LUV2KRZ just stopped by on his around the country trip ..... we managed to get in a cookout / firework display on friday night at my office, and nice ride in the hills outside East Aurora on saturday.

I have been checking in on the board and thought I spotted a post about a Crossfire with your name on it..... what color is it ..... Fla / Black ?

Young Tom told me about meeting up with you and said it was a nice day.

Glad to be back and I'll try and stay in touch...
All my cars are and have been silver; this one is a convertible with a black top.
I told you some time ago I was getting rid of the Vet.
I like this better and it is quick as a bunny.

Come to think of it that is what my ex-wifes said about me!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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