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What rubber fits?

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How about a listing of what tyres fit the Rune? Size, brand, price?
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$147.95 Dunlop D220ST 200/50ZR17 SportMax Rear Tire #333682 replaces the 180/55R-17 D251 rear tire with room to spare.

Champion Honda of North Charleston did the job in about 1 hour (including checking my rear brake pads, which looked brand new).
You have to take the left exhaust pipe cover off and also remove the rear fender and seat.

Keep in mind I replaced my front tire with a
83.95 Dunlop D220 120/70ZR18 Front Tire, sizing down from the stock 150, to keep in the D220 part number. It appears to handle easier with the smaller front tire. I have 6,000 miles on this front tire and have had no problems braking.

Ken (12,340 miles)
Update at 12,600 miles: the D220 pair seem to make the Rune even more responsive without being unstable. Now my Yamaha V-Star 1100 REALLY feels like a pig by comparison!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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