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What will happen to Rune Pricing?

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Ok so this appears to be a dealer lisiting with no reserve. If this is what its come to what is expected to happen to the retail value of these bikes?

This is kind of disturbing, I guess he is willing to take the gamble.
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Well, I just bid 11,000. for it... and someone else has more on the line. ken (7,650miles on my black rune)
The issue isnt that a dealer started off so low, its that there is no reserve. So if it goes for 18 grand or say it goes for 17 its not a good thing for anyone who paid 25 g. It sure isnt good for those that paid 25 grand now trying to sell a low mileage bike.

The other one if its legit is at 14 grand with one day to go. For me looking to buy this isnt a bad thing but it sure could be a raw deal for those that paid a premium.

So Joe, -- how many miles do you have on your Rune by now? For me, it wasnt about how much money I spent or will spend on it. This bike is better than my doctor for effective therapy. I think most of the guys on this net are not concerned about what they had to pay, or what someone else will get for their bike if they have to sell it. The objective is to ride.

If you was to plan a cross-country on your Rune, feel free to give me a head's up. My house is open to any Rune Riders on a long quest. I am 1 mile off I-95 an hour from Charleston. Ken (7,650mi)
Ken, I havent purcahsed one yet. I just sold my cruiser, still have my 1800 wing so were not in a hurry to purhcase. Odd, maybe Im diff this way but I don't like to over pay and I allways disliked feeling Id been taken. I have allways enjoyed riding but I have never enjoyed finding out I over paid thousands on something. And for those I have recently seen have to sell after a short time for health or financial reasons shoud I assume they are pleased? Pers I think its a shame the prices appear to be falling this rapidly.
Joe, I can respect your prudence. Was I in the market for a Rune now I would be closely monitoring the marketplace to identify the current standards. Most of us, here on this forum with a Rune history, go back as much as two years. In my case six weeks from now I will have had mine for a year. My deposit predates my delivery by another year.

When I made the deposit many people couldn’t find a dealer who had not had his anticipated allotment already accounted for. At that time there was no, or at best very little room for negotiations. In order for me to be assured of the first one hoisted from the truck, I paid full price plus $500.00 because the dealer could get it. For me, at that time, I could not have been more pleased. I got one and it just may have been the first one delivered in the State of Florida.

It doesn’t bother me that I can’t sell mine for what I have in it because it’s not for sale. It does bother me that the values have dropped, but that sentiment is purely selfish and self-serving.

I find it interesting I came across this discussion this evening because only today I purchased a 2005 limited availability automobile, and forked over $5,000.00 over sticker because it is the only one like it in the State and, that is what it took for me to get it.
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SiteDAta. I understand the thought. Im just dissapointed in how Honda marketed this bike. I was willing to pay the premium for the bike I was told over and over was only going to have one for each dealer. 1200 t0 1300 tops. My gl1800 has been great, one of the reasons I want the Rune. I intend to buy the rune, I simply am no longer willing to pay to dollar or anywhere close after seeing whats taking place.

Why do you guys that might have a rune one day come on this board and bore us with your pricing and value dilema's? If people on this board payed 25k+ for their rune so be it, most of them could careless about
resale value! You should be asking questions about the rune, like
how it handles, maintenance, likes/dislikes etc..... You bore me!
SiteData and HogSlayer:

Very well stated! I agree with both of you. What we paid for our bikes at the time we each obtained our bikes was the competitive price for that time and situation. What value can one place on having the first Rune in the city or state? Some would say thousands while others would say wait for the prices to come down. If I did not have a Rune or was in the market for one, I would be elated at the opportunity to purchase one at some lower price. We are all different and have different values. As for me having one of the first bikes delivered in Georgia was priceless and I paid the necessary price to buy it at that time.
If you don't feel right about buying the Rune ...

don't buy it. Seriously, walk away, you won't be happy....BUT...

As an owner, who like SiteData, had a deposit on the Rune a year before it came out, had no problem paying the price after seeing and riding it (I didn't pay a premium), and loves the bike for what it is, understands what it is not, realizes full well the uncertainty of anything as speculative as "limited production" moniker from a huge worldwide manufacturer, I could care less what anyone else will pay for the bike right now. I'm happy and I'm not selling it, so the current market value is a moot point, unless I buy a second one.

As someone who is contemplating buying a Rune now, consider yourself fortunate you can buy one at a reduced price!

It boils down to this, (really regardless of what the item purchased)...the happiest owners are those who bought the Rune because it stirs them emotionally, before AND continuing after the purchase...not those who looked primarily at "what its worth".

None of the pricing "issues" takes away from the fact The Rune is an amazing bike, especially considering that it IS a production bike. There are many so-called custom Harley clones that (basically look alike) cost much more than the Rune, and are not near the level of fit, finish and dependability, or look as custom, lol.

I can understand The Rune is not for everyone, for a number of reasons, and frankly that is one of the main reasons I purchased it. It will ALWAYS be a niche, NEVER be a mainstream, or commonly seen bike. Period, regardless of price.

Ironically, before I bought the Rune, I figured it'd be primarily a seldom-ridden turns out to be the bike out of seven (all are very cool in their own ways) I choose most frequently, pretty much my daily rider and that as they say..."SAYS IT ALL."
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i agree with SiteData, Hog Slayer and Runeman ( I ESPECIALLY liked Hog Slayers witty response :twisted: ). Most of us who bought a Rune (or me, who have two)...didn't buy it for resale or for price considerations. we bought it because of a passion and we wanted it. Had it been 30k...i would have bought it.

and like Runeman says, you should be thrilled prices are coming down. hey, i bought THE FIRST ONE in Alabama ( and i confirmed that when i registered it early last August)....and paid 24,500 for it. Then i turned around and bought one for my wife in February of this year, and already, i was able to pay less (bought hers for 22,250). Since then, i have seen NEW ones for sale for 21k at dealers. Of couse, i still see some dealers wanting retail. Go figure. Some out west paid 30k or more!

Bottom line, if you want the bike....BUY IT. if you don't, then don't buy it. I don't regret buying either of mine...regardless of the price...regardless of what they might sell for tomorrow...or next week...or next year. Both of mine were worth every penny i paid and i am totally pleased with them. i can't control what happens to the market on them, their value, etc. But the bike is defintely the coolest bike i have EVER owned...PERIOD. and it's function and performance is right up there with any Honda i have owned.

i was going to try and buy a Boss Hoss....but this is my Boss Hoss. I'm thinking it's a bit more reliable and functional...and a bit less money too. NXCESBOSS (Jerry) could comment on that. He has both a Boss and a Rune...and had a Valk till he sold it. i still have my Valk...and as much as i love that bike, this one is mo' better :twisted:
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I wish I could say I was sorry that concerns over value bore you.But that would be a lie. Dont waste your time reading or responding then. Is this place always so friendly!
Zilla moto.... I inted to buy one, still think its a shame it hasnt held value better than this. I dont buy out of emotion though, youll never hear me say I love a certain bike or car etc. I want the Rune because I like the look and the dependabilty of Honda. Right now I have the GL1800 and a 4,000 mile trip planned for next month. Living in Ca I have year round riding when Im home so I dont have to rush to buy anything for a riding season. And yes its nice knowing I wont have to pay anywhere near the orig sticker price but I will always think its damn shame they havent held there value.
Joseph, this is a friendly place. Folks just like to express their views too...just like you do. We all have different views. Don't get upset over it. Just digest the inputs....make your own decision...and do what you want then. But don't blame 'us' for giving our two cents worth...just like you did!

i find it interesting reading the folks posts like you...and ELP-JC....that are lurking but haven't bought yet. i don't know ANYONE personally that has bought this bike....that has been dissappointed. There could be a few out there, but i don't know them.

Personally, i wanted THIS bike since midnight, 13 Sep, 2002...when Honda announced it to dealers and Honda Rider club members before it was announced to the public. the next day i went down to my local dealer and said "put me on the list". But in fact, i had already told him...back in the summer of 2002...when i heard RUMORS of the bike, put me on your list....IF it really comes to be true. So i was already on the list :oops:

Then we waited....and waited...and waited...for almost a year. And as the first bikes came out, we watched as folks paid 30k and more from some dealers. This, after MONTHS of speculation on what the bike would cost...with prices ranging from 15k-30k on the guesses. Some were scared away when they heard it could cost more than 20k. then when the real prices were revealed, some bolted.

But for those of us who waited....then bought our bikes, the anticipation was worth every penny of the price of admission.

Bottom line, if you get the matter what you wind up paying for're gonna have a WINNER. It's a crowd drawer/pleaser. And it rides and performs in true Honda fashion. I've owned a lot of bikes, but nothing runs like a Honda! (or is that John Deere? Wait, i have one of those too :wink: )
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redvalk, Im not upset at all, I could care less. However my comment stands if I bore you or the thread does why are you wasting time reading or responding. Sure seems like a waste of time to me.

My reasons for reading and studying before buying are several fold. I dont believe in impulse buying. I know many do and like the thrill Im just not one of them. I would rather every one else who has to be the first on the block find the pluses and minuses of a new ride. I can go for months or years in the chase. I may buy next week, next month or next year. I see no rush, Im also looking at at Kingpin and would prefer used for that as well.
Joseph, not treading on your concerns...

just stating my reasoning. No harm intended nor taken.

I don't disagree with you that it'd be "nice" to see values more stable, just IMHO too early to make any judgement....and in my particular case, as I said, a moot point.

Certainly emotions shouldn't cloud judgement when it comes to finances, but if you don't feel any emotion when looking at or riding the Rune what's the point of having one?

The Rune by virtue of being a Honda may be more "dependable", but it is no kitchen or shop appliance either!

In any case, best of luck, and I'm envious of your riding season. :wink:

...and oh yea, I admit, I pretty much "love" my Rune.
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hey, none of these threads or replies bore me.....far from it.

But second, even if they did, i'll still read them as Moderator for the board. I read EVERY post ever made matter how much (or granted, on some, how little...) the post interests me. I'm proud to say so far on this board, i haven't had to delete a single post! It's a good group of folks here.

But i do agree, for those not having to read EVERY post, if something looks of little interest, i just wouldn't read it. Thank goodness over here on this board, unlike some others, we don't get all those "politics and religion" posts going on...with all the emotions they generate. but when i visit those boards that does go on, i just don't read that crap. Like your advice.

I wish for you whatever you decide, it turns out good for you! It sounds like you're doing your i'm sure you'll be armed and prepared to get a good deal should you decide to buy a Rune. And i mean that sincerely. Keep us posted in your quest.....I for one am interested in you new guys looking to buy it turns out...what you get them for. I'll admit it raised my eyebrow when i bought my second Rune for some 2,250 less than my first....just months after buying that first one! But what cha' gonna' do :roll:

I'm betting you'll be able to get one for much less than i paid on that second one. But that doesn't change the love i have for either mine or my wife's. And there's NOTHING like the look on folks faces as the two of us pull up side by side on our "his and hers" Runes. they say....IS PRICELESS!!
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Zilla... The Rune is a must have in my book. I do wish it was a two up bike though. I know there is a dual seat being made but Im reluctant that Id end up damaging the rear fender. That and it looks so sweet set up solo.

You beat me by a week. I put my $100 down on September 21, 2002. Got it November 27, 2003. Waited 14 months. Dealer told me it was in. Drove out there. He told me to bend over and give me all the money I had. Left almost $29,000 lighter in the wallet. Loved it. Begged him to let me give him MORE money. He declined. Left 45 minutes later with the same grin I had on my face as the time when I lost my virginity. $29K Are you kidding me? It's O.K. Would do it again. I have NO sense. Doesn't matter. I have one of about 10 RUNES in the whole state. Money? Who cares where it goes. If I had the money, I'd buy one just to sit in the garage and keep the other one company. Will I pay more or less for the next one? Who cares. I knew what I was getting into. Don't care about re-sale. Don't care about dropping prices. Don't care if they increase or decrease production. Don't care if there is a 2005 or 6 or 7 or whatever. It makes me feel like I'm more of a man than I really am. Nothing else matters. Oh yes. I've got a deposit down on a 2005 Goldwing. I'm getting limbered up so it will be easier for me to bend over again. LIFE IS GOOD! :D :shock: :p :lol:

Hogslayer - Right on.
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As a physician that owns a Rune ...I must say professionally....not to repeat......worth is measured by the happiness you derive from what you and demand may drive the market...there is alot of self pride and gloating to be the first one on the block to have one!!!!!!!
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