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Hi all,

- Just want to share this "little thing" with You from a European Board :

The Board is about six years old, but has been thru a coversion of sofware as this Board earlier, on the recent software platform, the board opened 6th July last year.
One of the oldest post on the Board comes here, and it was of 6th July '04 :

"I was far from base on my 1800 wing when I received a call on my radio that wingnut was about to open a new mesg board, and to return to base immediately. Phew ! ! ! ! Im back and I think im number (6) Six. To answer your question re tyres. I would recommend Bridgestones. I have just fitted a new set and have completed 340 (S)miles. I had 11000 miles on the previous set of stones with no problems, but these even make the wing feel better."

I checked out the guy's profile, because I was wondering his status was mentioned as "Guest", and guests can't post on that Board, as here.

When I pressed on his handle, I got nothing - just ended up in the post again, no profile. :?: :?:

- Went to the memberlist to find the guy - now I was getting curious ...

And here it goes :

Under his avatar is mentioned : Top Poster (manually put on by Siteadmin)
Location : The Island, West Coast of Ireland
Occupation : Retired
Interests : Swimming, Gold Wing

and :
Birthday : 1925-08-08

Number of posts : 2854 (since 6th July 2004)

I couldn't hold back my curiousity and asked one of the moderators by PM if the guy had two profiles, and how comes that he can post as a guest, and this is what I got :

"hI jOHN ..Redwing was having trouble with his home PC ,,for some reason he could not log on ,,So he rejoined the board as Redwing again ,but if you notice after his name there are two stops .. to make it different from the orignal name ,,so he is posting this way until he sorts out his PC problem ...cheers Ciaran"

Please note the " ,, "´s around "for some reason ...." :!:

- And frankly ! - I just think it´s OK ! 8) :D - 80 Years next month - GW Rider returning to homebase to be the first on the new board, swimming, irish, messing with computers and communicating with other guys and girls on Board, but having a little bit of trouble with it, so he ended up with 2 profiles in stead of one, and what the heck, he's there and really communicating ! And shouldn't the Top poster and age president have some privileges :?: :lol:

- Isen't that just cool 8) :lol: :?:

If this is how it is to get grown up - for me, it can't go too fast :!:

When I grow up I want to be like this guy !

I'sen't that guy just a good example to keep in mind for those of us having trouble controlling our thouhts and actions in the MLC ... :lol: - no reason to go panic if this is what will come :lol: :!:

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