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Where are they now?

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I was wondering where some of the old-timers have been, I’ve missed their input.

Where are they now?

:eek:4: E-Z Chuck – ( Sharp guy, but don’t mess with him! )

:lol: RuneMan – ( Quite and reserved, give ya the shirt off his back and lone ya money too; not to bright. )

:22yikes: Diehardeddie – ( Good friend if he likes ya, rip your face off if he doesn’t. )

:tools1: sangabrielpirate – ( First one to total his Rune. The deer is still laughing about it. )

:money1: ZillaMoto – ( Smartest guy on the panel. God came to Zilla when He needed financing for Disney World. )

:shock: MARUNE – ( Dave lives in a town so small that when the traffic light burned out it took four years for anyone to notice. )

:clap2: Sub Lt II – ( One of the first Runes delivered in Canada with snow tires. )

:?: NEED4SPEED – ( Always offered interesting suggestions, but I can’t remember one that caught my interest. )

:mad1: Firefit5 – ( Opinionated and sticks to his guns. If ya disagree with him he carries one too. )

:1st: RuneSki – ( The only guy with a Boom-Box strapped to his Rune playing Polka Music. )

:superman1: Baton Rune – (Truly God’s gift to femininity, provided the ladies have low expatiations. )

:rain1: SoFlaRes1 - ( A sense of humor that can brings tears to the eyes of the sensitive. )
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Hey Chuck, I like everybody! I just like to get things off my chest and then forget about it and go on. I am truly sorry if I have left that impression on this board. I love my Rune and ride it every chance I get. I am on this site everyday to make sure you are up to your usual shinanigans<Spelling?. I get a lot of laughs, really good info and find a lot of new goodies from all of you. Hope to meet you someday and you can rip my face off. (LOL) Thanks, Ed
No Eddie that is not the impression you’ve left it’s just me having fun and amusing myself.
I am still around lurking here and there . Not much riding this year due to work schedules and wife finishing her nursing degree (she has to know how to change my depends :) ) Plus raising a litter of pups , visit us at
E-Z Chuck

Your wife is beautiful and even though she has her arm around your shoulder, from her expression, it would appear you need a mint.

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I got my divorce finalized today... So I am back on the prowl for cute ladies who like to ride on my Rune!
Oh Chuck, By the way, I just got through checking my vin # and sure enough, my Rune is an 05 model. LOL Carry-on, Ed
I'm still around - and opinionated!

........but I don't pack a gun....that's for cops, not firemen. I still check in on the board but rarely comment. When we went to the new board I became a little frustrated by my inability to post photos. This was a part of the old board I enjoyed. My digitial camera cannot have the resolution "turned down" enough to use the photos. I worked on this problem for many hours and despite the outward appearance I actually do have solid computer skills. I eventually got my neighobr (computer sciene Ph.D, Associate Profesor OSU) to look at the situation and he confirmed I could not use the process, although he proposed an alternative method using another photo posting site. But I don't have enough interest to invest more time.
KenCrawleySC……..Ken, you run that Rune at full throttle, who the hell wants to ride with you?

ED, for God’s sake delete that posting about you having a 2005 model, REDVALK will go nuts!

Firefit5………… go to, and register, and then you can send photos from your computer and post them there.

Once the photo are posted there you can import them here.

There is nothing to it, only took me six months to learn how.
I KNOW! :lol:
I received the following email:

Thanks for noticing that I haven't posted on the board in a while. I have a virus in my computer where as I am not able to click on a link and bring it up on my screen’s lost power at my house and when my computer re-booted I was not able to sign my password back on and post a reply or a new post.
Hope your doing O.K.
I have to get someone over and help me straighten things out. I mentioned this problem to the Toms when I ordered more rune parts from them.

:cop2: Please don't tell the board I am in jail!!
Rich K :1st: (Rune Ski)

As you all can see, unlike last week RunSki is not in jail!
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RuneMan – ( Quite and reserved, give ya the shirt off his back and lone ya money too; not to bright. )
Yep, you got me right. Remember how last month when you needed $169.03 to meet your alimony payment and stay out of jail and I came to your rescue. Now would you please keep your end of the deal! You said that you would either pay me back by now or send me the keys to your Rune! If you wait much longer the value of the Rune may not be great enough to cover the loan!

As for this forum, I'm here most every day looking for new accessories and enjoying the comedy and wisdom displayed by my fellow Runnnnners.
in regards to the 05 model comment....i have an idea. Sell it to ELP JC....he may bite 8) Sorry JC...just kidding with ya'...i have to have a little fun with this 05 stuff. It was like the Y2K thing....all hyped up...but with no 'bite'.

In regards to RuneSki....let us know if there is anything we can/need to do to help you get back on the board from this end. We miss your clever wit and info :p

Now...let me get back to searching for a deal on a new 06 Rune :twisted: to keep those silly rumors going, ya' know!
Key is in the mail

The key should arrive on Thursday.

It fits the lock on the box containing my ex-wife, UPS Tracking No. 2567213, scheduled for delivery Friday.

Thanks for the loan,

I must have misunderstood your offer. I thought I remembered you stating that you would send the key to the Rune, but I guess you said "the key to the one who RUINED you".
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