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i'll be stopping in at Erwin, TN...location of our Rune Rally in September. I'll be checking on how many rooms are many are still available...where will our 'pavilion' setup be for the two cookouts...etc.

I'll also be going by Johnson City to meet with one of our Sponsors, Jim's Cycles. If anyone in the local area wants to hook up with me while i'm there, drop me an email. i plan on going there either Friday, the 3rd...or saturday...the 4th. i'll be deciding in the next few days which day to go. Right now i'm leaning towards going Saturday, the 4th.

Oh yea....make your RESERVATION for the Rune Rally KNOW you want to just do it 8) Call 1-800-304-7958 and book your room at the Holiday Inn Express in Erwin, TN. Dates for the Rally are Labor Day weekend in September, Friday thru Monday.
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