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You can see photo's of the install at: ... 66/3f2.jpg
and ... 66/3f6.jpg

The installation is straight forward if you're willing to mount the tachometer on your windshield; I had a new back plate made for the tachometer. The tachometer in the photo is the Dakota Digital HY5021, in addition to that you'll need the SGI-14 Signal Modulator.

The tachometer is a 3 wire (Green is tachometer input, Red is 12V power supply, and black is ground). Installation is made easier if you lift the tank per Honda instructions from the service manual.

1. Install the SGI-14 box white wire to the Ignition Pulse Generator Red 2P connector white/yellow wire on the left side of the engine under the chrome horn cover.
2. Connect the SGI-14 Red (positive) and Black (negative) wires to the battery.
3. Attach the SGI-14 Yellow wire to the Green wire of the tachometer.
4. I used the number 5 positive coil wire for the 12V power supply by taping into the yellow/red wire on the coil and attaching it to the red wire of the tachometer.
5. Attach the tachometer black wire to bike ground lug on steering head.
6. Mount tachometer on windshield.
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