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Windvest mounting??

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A question about the windvest. Is the mounting difficult and how easy does the shield come off. I like the look of it as it is fairly minimal and doesn't intrude too much on the bike's appearence. Also, I've noticed a few of you selling your shields in the past few months. Is there a reason for this....such as it sucks? :D Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts windvest post shouldn't be in this part of the forum I guess. Oh well, I hope to get some replys anyway.
i love both of mine (one on my on the wife's Rune). They mount easily. Just mounts to the handle bar....with four allan bolts. Goes on and off in minutes.

Does it provide FULL wind protection? Nope. It is a 'vest'...or a small windshield. It does allow me to ride with a half helmet and sun glasses....with no problems. But there is more wind that comes around it than a FULL windshield would allow. but the other windshields that are for sale for the Rune look too big to full...and ruin the lines of the bike (or should i say 'rune' the lines of the bike?).

just my opinion....but i LOVE my Windvest(s) and wouldn't have anything else!

Thanks for the input and moving the post. Now, where did I put that $300 plus I need for that shield???
I really love my Windvest too. I just recently did a 4000 mile tour of Europe on my Rune and found the Windvest made the trip nice and comfortable. Even on the 100mph+ German Autobarns.
For another thing, I don't like looking through a shield, esp when it's raining. We had some real downpours going thru Switzerland and the screen keep me adequately protected from the rain and the spray.
Like I said, I personally find there's no problems with strain from the wind. For me it gives a good balance between enough wind to let you know you're on a bike with enough protection not to be tiring.
As far as looks goes, well I'd rather have no screen at all, but I reckon the Windvest does a pretty good job of blending in with the Rune's lines. It certainly gets a lot of positive comments.
I guess height has a lot to do with whether a screen suits you or not - I'm 5'7'' but I have got it angled low.
Let me know when you get the vest and I will shoot over and give you a hand with the install. ( [email protected] )
Rich K Rune Ski )
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