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Windvest screen and pullback bars???

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I see on the Honda directline website that they say the 16x16 windvest screen is not suitable with the pullback bars. ... =507855836

Is this correct. Anyone tried to fit one with pullbacks and had problems? Any resolutions? :?
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It fits, take a look at my picture gallery, mine has pull back's.
Well they're not completeyl correct. As I recall the pullback bars are not perfectly symetrical and the disparity really shows when you put the Windvest back on. However the real "culprit" is a metal "stop" (for lack of a better word) or flange (maybe that is the better word) on the pullback bars. Once that is ground off, the slight adjustment to allow the windvest to fit on is easily done. I hope this makes sense.

I have both, after converting my forward bars to the pullback bars. The Windvest appears to fit perfectly. I bought it after switching the bars, so I don't have anything to compare it to. It looks balanced on both sides of the center clamp with about a sixteenth of an inch clearance on both sides.
That's good news, thanks for the help guys.
I also have the 16 X 16 windvest mounted to my pullback bars. They do fit.
i have the 16x16 of the first ones ever made (Steve keeps telling me i have the SECOND one ever made.... :lol: ). I had it on for 3 months with the forward bars, and the fit was perfect.

then i changed to the pull back bars, and it fits JUST THE SAME....perfectly. So no problems with fit. Don't know why anyone would say it doesn't fit????
Mine was lopsided

Must have been someone besides me who had trouble with the fit. Actually it seemed the rear set bars were just a hair lopsided. Little ooch to the left solved the problem.

B bars be best

Just adding my agreement with redvalk and other. Windvest fit perfectly with the 'A' bars and fits just as well with the 'B' bars... no difference and nothing special to do to mount... just make sure you've put the bar clamps on right way ... easy to figure out cause wrong way you'll have a bit of gap left when they close....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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