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wow.....201 members!

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Search Engine Doesn't Pick up the Site

I just tried to find the site on Yahoo and Google. I typed Honda Rune, Honda Rune Riders, and Rune Riders. I think these are common ways most people would search for a forum. Any, no hits for our site.

I think our membership would grow if the site had some key words associated with it other than runeriders.

Lamont, can you fix this?
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I Did the same and only found links to the old MSN Rune sight that were deleted.
I don't know how these things work but if something could be done so when Honda Rune was typed in a search engine we would be listed.
Ride safe!
Here is a way to get links to our great site: those of us who have webpages: make a page that has a link to this forum, and add the keywords in the header etc etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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